The Extras

Healthy Office Snacks, Round II

Good things to keep in mind when you work above a Dunkin' DonutsRead more >

The Top Shelf

Yasmin Sewell, Founder, Être Cécile

"I thought I'd be cooler about aging than I am. Because I started working so early and had my store by the time I was 22, I was always the youngest. And then all of a sudden, I wasn't that girl."Read more >

The Face

Melissa & Jasmine Hemsley, Authors, The Art Of Eating Well

On everything from how to chew to what eye makeup won't slide off during a 10-hour dayRead more >

The Review

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Fancy hand sanitizer to better stave off the season's illnessesRead more >


Get A Flu Shot

It's that time of the year againRead more >

The Review

Care Packages From The Sup Luv

Courtesy of holistic Wonder Woman Bethany Harper WalshRead more >

As Told To ITG

The Stress-Relief Pill

How Alex Prager stays sane on trips to New YorkRead more >

The Extras

An Introduction To The Chinese Pharmacy

Where you can get everything from Tiger Balm to Donkey GelatinRead more >

The Review

What Is Pharmacognosy?

And what happens when it inspires an entire skincare line?Read more >

The Review

Ingredient To Know: Silver

The most luxurious anti-bacterial on the marketRead more >

The Extras

Consider Internet Yoga

Reviewing YogaGlo—the website of a billion yoga tutorialsRead more >

As Told To ITG

Home Sweet Home Birth

Labor like Josie, Demi, Meryl, and GiselleRead more >

The Review


Yes, that's nail polish formulated with kaleRead more >


Considering Lasik Surgery?

Writer Caroline Solomon gives a rundown of the 10-minute procedure—corneal flaps and all  Read more >

The Technique

Introducing The "Caribe"

Banana + iced coffee: breakfast will never be the same (well, sort of the same—just blended together)Read more >

The Technique

Seriously, Try Energy Healing

Chances are that you could use some, regardless of your level of skepticismRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Problem With Birkenstocks

Is that they're making your feet too lazy for the next time you want to wear heelsRead more >

The Technique

Drink Pretty: The Morning Detox Tea

A DIY herbal tonic to wake you up from the insideRead more >

Open Thread

How Do You Balance?

Because the most satisfying thing about going on a cleanse is cheating on the cleanseRead more >

The Review

The Clay Toothpaste Roundtable

We hopped on the clay toothpaste bandwagon—and then promptly hopped back offRead more >


How To Talk Tea

A breakdown of basic tea terminologyRead more >