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Author - Brennan Kilbane
The Technique

DIY Your Own Fancy Deo

Success is 2% inspiration and 98% perspirationRead more >


Eve Lynn Kessner, Soulcycle Instructor

Finally, how to sweat like it's your job and not totally freak out your skinRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Kat Von D

The creator of one of Sephora's top selling makeup lines on tattoos, makeup, and tattooing makeupRead more >

Hair Ideas

How To Get Fluffy, Fuzzy Hair

Textured, undone bedhead reaches new heights, just in time for summerRead more >

The Top Shelf

Sloane Crosley, Writer

The author has strong feelings on hand creams, saunas, and blowoutsRead more >

The Review

Bronzers: The Blush Of Summer

It's finally time to remember what a good tan looks likeRead more >

The Top Shelf

Vanessa Friedman, Fashion Director & Chief Fashion Critic, The New York Times

"If you can get through middle age, and you develop the face that you were born to have, it usually looks better than the face that you've changed. But it's very weird to sit in fashion shows and be the only person with lines in your forehead."Read more >


Roxana Saidi, Founder, Rx Social

On trying to figure out flatiron s-curves (not easy, people) and masking during Shark TankRead more >

The Technique

How To Fix Your Skin While You Sleep

Because you've got things to do, even when you're unconciousRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Maryna Linchuk, Model

The champion of the middle part on the best mask to do if you're going to the Met Gala and that time Pat McGrath told her to give her acne some perspectiveRead more >

The Makeup

Blur The (Lip) Line

Makeup artist Violette on how to get the purposefully lived-in lipstick look, as demonstrated by Caroline Brasch NielsenRead more >

Glossier HQ

Why We’re Sold Out

A bit on Glossier’s growing pains, and what we’re doing to get you the products you love ASAPRead more >

Open Thread

What Should I Do About My Scalp?

How do you take care of dandruff without obliterating your roots? Tom is wondering aloudRead more >