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Clarisonic Meets Body

Because we all should be treating our bodies as well as we treat our facesRead more >

The Extras

A Beginner's Guide To Hot Yoga

If you can't stand the heat...get out of the studioRead more >

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Harry's Shave Gel Is My Secret Boyfriend

Smells good and looks nice in the shower—just like a real boyfriendRead more >

The Review

Toner For Your Body

Because your thermal-encased being deserves itRead more >


Workout: Karen Lord's Arms For Abs Series

It's Saturday; tell your body you're ready for businessRead more >

As Told To ITG

Beth Ditto Is Awesome

The Gossip frontwoman on self-esteem, body image, and free therapyRead more >

The Technique

Body Scrub Is A Shower Essential

A lesson in proper exfolatiation technique from Red DoorRead more >

Book Club

On Nora Ephron, On Boobs

And experimenting with a strange contraption called the Mark Eden Bust DeveloperRead more >


Workout With ModelFit

Introducing our new Weekend Workout series, just in time for you to reconsider slacking on your New Year's resolution to stay fitRead more >

Open Thread

When Do You Wax?

A group analysis of proper bikini area etiquetteRead more >

The Extras

Freeze Your Butt Off

Everyone from Usain Bolt to Crystal Renn swears by cryotherapy's very cold, toned results—we investigate how to chill yourself to a better bodyRead more >

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Hawaii In A Bottle

Skin Trip Coconut Moisturizer works for dry skin in all climates from tropical to frozen tundraRead more >

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Pears Soap: Transparent, Tried, & True

Pears Transparent Soap has a 200-year-old history, beloved by writers and spendthrifts alikeRead more >

The Review

A Hair Trimmer For All Seasons

The depilating solution when razors and wax strips are no longer on the tableRead more >

Word of Mouth

Argan Oil: The Original Cult Favorite

A laundry list of uses for the oil that was popular before everyone switched to coconutRead more >


The Art Of The Power Pose

Channel Beyoncé, Wonder Woman, and Amy Cuddy—but keep it all insideRead more >

The Review

Ingredient To Know: Pearl

Milled gemstones are the new mineral powders, it seemsRead more >

The Review

The Konjac Sponge: A Very Gentle Exfoliator

Etude House’s Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff is safe for the most sensitive of facesRead more >

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Gehwol Med Callus Cream

The lazy girl's solution to dry feetRead more >

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Body Wash For The Outdoorsy Set

Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Trail Soap smells like the AdirondacksRead more >