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The Review

The Best Drugstore Foundations

Rigorous testing has proven that yes, you can find a great foundation at CVSRead more >

The Review

Why Adults Should Embrace Glitter Nail Polish

Tips on not looking like you're desperately clinging to your youth, as you desperately cling to your youthRead more >


Video: Wayne Goss' Tutorial For Smoky, Hooded Eyes

The YouTube beauty authority breaks down how to get the look for those not working with lots of lid spaceRead more >

As Told To ITG

Charlotte Carey Goes Fire Red

Our pal—who happens to also be the go-to NYC colorist for all things blond—Aura Friedman sent an email last week with a pretty enticing subject line: "Charlotte Carey Makeover.Read more >

The Technique

I Do My Own Brazilian Waxes—Here's How

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” —Carl JungRead more >

Hair Ideas

Open Thread: How Do You Dry Your Hair?

This isn't a One Technique Fits All-type of thing—your two cents is valuedRead more >

The Review

Chunky Lip Pencils Invade Drugstores

Today we talk about Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer BalmRead more >

The Review

The Bar That Made Me A Better Girlfriend

Struggling novice masseuses of the world: listen upRead more >

Brow Month

Fake Bleached Brows

Give it a test run before covering your forehead in, you know, bleachRead more >

The Professional

Dr. Woo's Tattoo Basics

Instagram's favorite tattoo artist on care, placement, tattoo politics, and what body part hurts the mostRead more >

The Backstage

Five New Backstage Beauty Finds

The products that all the cool kids were usingRead more >

Hair Ideas

Fashion People Are Already Requesting The Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Hair Colors

You heard it here first: Dusty, pearly shades are the new cotton-candy pastelsRead more >

The Backstage

The 5 Cult Backstage Beauty Products

These staples are so amazing, so essential, they defy backstage brand sponsorshipRead more >

The Technique

The Trick To Having Wet Hair All Day

It doesn't harm your clothes and will make your hair healthier—as discovered backstage at Jeremy Scott Fall 2014Read more >


Alternate Uses For Tiny Moisturizer Spoons

Because nobody actually uses them for dispensing creamRead more >

The Backstage

Rodarte Fall 2014

D.I.Y. glitter lips and natural wavesRead more >

Hair Ideas

Give Your Lover A Lock Of Hair

It's the perfectly macabre last-minute Valentine's giftRead more >

The Backstage

The Trick To Removing Glitter Makeup

As told to very weary, very sparkly model backstage at AltuzarraRead more >

The Review

Your Best-Bet Drugstore Mascara

Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara achieves Desert Island statusRead more >

The Extras

In the Raw: The Makeup of HBO's Girls

Lopsided lipstick, after-sex mascara, and Twentysomething beauty talk with the series' lead makeup artist, Patricia Regan ­Read more >

The Review

The Drugstore Makeup Pick-Me-Up

"If Irina Aleksander is the Drugstore Cowboy, then I am the Drugstore Old-Timey Brothel Prostitute." ITG's Annie takes on Revlon's ColorStay Shadowlinks...Read more >