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Joana Avillez, Illustrator

The illustrator behind Lena Dunham's book on her favorite pink lipsticks, mood-enhancing blush, and the one makeup remover to rule them allRead more >

The Review

Lipstick You Can Leave At Home

Rimmel Provocalip 16 Hr Kissproof Lipcolor is not joking around about that 16 hour wear-timeRead more >

The Extras

Green Lipstick Is A Neutral, & Other Lessons From NYX Cosmetics

The brand launches more than 200 new shades a year, hosts their own award show for makeup die-hards, and lets fans drive their product development process—here's how NYX became the go-to drugstore alternativeRead more >

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Too Faced Melted Lipstick

Your lipstick liquified in the car while you were out shopping—what now?Read more >

The Look

The Look: Maria In Dior

Pink lipstick for spring, how novel...fortunately, Maria Borges is here to inspire you with it anywayRead more >

The Review

The J.Crew Lip, Finally In A Tube

Troi Ollivierre, creator of the legendary J.Crew lip (yes, the one from the catalogs), launches his own line of bright lipsticks for your pleasureRead more >

The Selfie

The Crying Lip

Get the perfect flushed lips—no tears necessaryRead more >

Color Coding

The Most Wearable Orange Lipstick

Eleven of the best orange lip offerings from Maybelline, Nars, MAC, and moreRead more >

The Review

Color Changing Lipsticks: Better Than Mood Rings

Finally, an explanation as to why everyone is so crazy about Dior Lip GlowRead more >

The Extras

Power Lipsticks For Power Couples

Investigating which long-wearing lipsticks are dinner, dancing, and make out-proof, because Valentine's Day is about more than reapplying your lip colorRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Jennifer Zuccarini, Founder, Fleur Du Mal

The queen of lingerie on underwear as outwear and proper pre-party relaxation—and just in time for Valentine's Day, tooRead more >


Kirsten Chilstrom, Digital Photo Editor, Allure

On how to get ready for work from the gym, fool-proof self tanners, and the best place to get inspiration as a photo editorRead more >

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Wear Red Lipstick Instead Of Accessories

It's sort of like that "Take one thing off before you walk out the door" principle, except you don't have to put them on in the first placeRead more >

The Review

Put It In Neutral

Nude lipstick can walk a fine line between too rosey and too beigeRead more >

The Makeup

Maluca Mala's Lips

And the three colors the musician has in her bagRead more >


30 Shades Of Kat Von D

A lipstick collection with just about every color imaginable—from the Sephora top-seller who knows how to make a pigment that lastsRead more >

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Best In Packaging: Lipstick Queen Silver Screen

Like judging a book by its cover, except there's makeup waiting insideRead more >

Color Coding

15 Purple Lip Colors

The best in berry, for now at least, and swatched for your viewing pleasureRead more >


Ichiban, The Lipstick for Men

We’ve been Friendless for 10 years...Read more >

Color Coding

The Best Pink Lipsticks

For the moment at least, and swatched for your viewing pleasureRead more >

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Lipstick For People Who Snack Constantly

Like a bold red lip? Like eating? This powerhouse liquid lipstick lets you enjoy both, in unisonRead more >