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What's New In Beauty Tech

So you can figure out your Black Friday sale strategy earlyRead more >

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What To Download Now

New apps (and more) that'll spice up your iPhoneRead more >

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Two New Ways To Get A Facial: Heyday And The Ritualist

New easy-to-book treatments your face didn't even know it neededRead more >

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The Future Is Now: 3D Print Makeup Onto Your Face

Mink and MODA are the latest tools to offer 3D printed makeup to the beauty world—whether you want to make it yourself, or just have it applied hands-freeRead more >

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Mari Kussman, Creative Director, Nanotronics Imaging

The creative director and start-up founder talks about her pink hair, her retinoid routine, and why she takes her products out of their original packagingRead more >

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How Dry Is Your Face? This Pen Will Tell You

The latest in magic-wand technology for your face is a meter that measures the moisture in your skin, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Kiehl's storeRead more >


The Aesthetically-Pleasing Puzzle Game That's Not Candy Crush

Monument Valley is inspired by M.C. Escher, beautifully scored, endorsed by Frank Underwood—and it's here to save you from your morning commuteRead more >

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Never Run Out Of Beauty Products Ever Again

The Stash app has every product you could ever want—and knows when they're on saleRead more >

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Outsourcing Laundry With Flycleaners

Clean underwear, socks, and towels whenever you need themRead more >

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Vibrators: A Film (NSFW, Obviously)

"It's such a good vibration / It's such a sweet sensation..." -Marky Mark and the Funky BunchRead more >

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The Imaginary Orange Trick

Some posture guidance for the women of 2014Read more >