Gift Guide

A Gift For Everyone On Your List

This year's guide is like a shopping personality quizRead more >

The One Thing

This Ring Makes It Easy To Expand Your Palette

You're *supposed* to mix makeup on its shiny golden face!Read more >


The Adult Ear

What to do when you've grown out of your rebellious phase, but not your love of piercingsRead more >

Gift Guide

The No-Brainer Holiday Gift Guide

You tell us how much you want to spend, we'll tell you the cool thing you should buy.Read more >

The Experience

Adventures In Earscaping

What better way to bond with your coworkers than getting pierced together? Read more >

The Face

Corey Moranis, Jeweler

Including her homemade hairspray recipe Read more >

The Extras

Tuck Your Hair Back, Show Off Your Great Earrings

Your middle school bad habit just became your cool hair styleRead more >

The Top Shelf

Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry Designer

On the ins and outs of lash extensions and how to moisturize your kids even when they hate lotionRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Shiona Turini, Consultant

If you throw a reggae dance party, she's there, end of storyRead more >

The Top Shelf

Erica Weiner, Jewelry Designer

On picking out engagement rings, finally learning how to apply eyeliner, and how to look like you have more hair than you actually doRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Perfect Playoffs Mix, Inspired By Rihanna

A very special edition of Five(+) Cool Things—because it’s basketball season, babyRead more >

The Top Shelf

Soraya Silchenstedt, Jewelry Designer

On her favorite sunscreens for every day and when she surfboards, her new lip plumping solution, and the hair mask that combats the chlorine in the YMCA poolRead more >

Five Cool Things

Seeing Double Earrings

Jewelry that's a party in the front and the backRead more >

Five Cool Things

'90s Jewelry Gets An Update

What goes around looks better the second time aroundRead more >

The Extras

Fake Your Piercings

22 pieces of jewelry that don't require you to add an extra hole in your headRead more >

The Face

Sophie Bille Brahe, Jewelry Designer

On being an actual goldsmith, Coco Noir as a hair fragrance, and boyfriends who steal La MerRead more >


Belmacz Gallery, London

When a jewelry designer-slash-art curator does a line of beauty products, it's rich  Read more >