The Top Shelf

Elizabeth Brown, CEO, Viyet

On all the anti-aging tricks the drugstore has to offerRead more >


Noor Elkhaldi, Domestic Violence Counselor

On never skipping her skincare routine—no matter how high-stress her job gets—and why her hijab is the most powerful part of her lookRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Karmen Pedaru, Model

"My husband is probably the only Italian who doesn’t cook. The only thing we do in the kitchen is open a bottle of wine. I think that’s the only thing we need—a bottle opener."Read more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Jenné Lombardo, Co-Founder, Made

"I love French films from the '70s. I love their hair. Sex and smoking and cheese in the Mediterranean—do a lot of that and drink a lot of wine and you’re fine!"Read more >

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Cheryl Burke, Dancer

"My coach told me it was time for a new look, so he literally chopped my hair off. I was crying. He dyed it black, and that’s when you first saw me on Dancing With The Stars."Read more >

The Top Shelf

Lolita Jacobs, Style Director, Courrèges

"Every time you read about a French girl, they say, ‘I’m not using anything. I’m like this naturally.’ Yeah right. Don’t worry, we use as much shit as girls anywhere!"Read more >


Hannah Farren, Visual Merchandiser, Space NK Apothecary

How to beat carsickness, calm redness with lavender-infused water, and get more in touch with your face circulationRead more >

The Top Shelf

LeAnn Rimes

The singer opens up about her psoriasis, styling her hair extensions, and how to shrug off paparazzi when you don't feel like looking 100 percentRead more >

The Top Shelf

Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry Designer

On the ins and outs of lash extensions and how to moisturize your kids even when they hate lotionRead more >


Megan Parry, Co-Owner, Forage

Always seeking to be on the receiving end of perfume compliments, the writer and vintage store owner talks about her favorite fragrances, '80s perm recovery, and an exfoliator that's as good as a facialRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Sara Sampaio, Model

Right before her 24th birthday celebration, the Victoria's Secret Angel talks about the foundation/concealer combination that stays on all night, what product works to fill in her brows, and why she's having a pizza partyRead more >

The Face

Sonya Esman, Blogger, Class Is Internal

On adolescent confessions with Joe Jonas and gradually lightening your hair with a leave-in jellyRead more >

The Top Shelf

Amy Sedaris

The actress and comedian on why you should cover yourself in Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, steam with laxative flakes, and consider doing your own makeup for all your red carpet glamour needsRead more >

Glossier HQ

Grace Villamil, Artist

The artist turned our conference room into an immersive Escape Room and talks about ditching pastel hair for summer and the products she uses to calm her skin downRead more >

The Top Shelf

Sunny Hostin, Legal Analyst, CNN

You learn a lot about good mattifying primers and under-eye concealer when your job is to sit under TV lightsRead more >


Bridget Jarecki, Agent's Assistant, The Wall Group

Calling in products for makeup artists all day pretty much forces you to perfect your skincare routineRead more >

The Face

Tyler Haney, CEO, Outdoor Voices

"There’s a glow that I find goes away if I don’t work out for like five days—the color in your cheeks just isn't there anymore."Read more >

The Face

Jennette McCurdy, Actress

"I used to be like, ‘Oh! I want to be Jennifer Lopez, so I’ll make that happen today.’ But actually, maybe I should try being a better Jennette."Read more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Alejandra Sabillón, Photographer & DJ

On bringing disco back to New York nightlife, the best-feeling red lipstick, and dressing for the humidity after darkRead more >

The Extras

Shiva Rose's Guide To Living Well

The woman behind the Shiva Rose oils shows us around her farm, where there are chickens roaming free, a garage laboratory, and more crystals than you can shake a stick atRead more >


Tiffany Press, Agent, New York Model Management

Sometimes you've just got to break up with your flat iron in order to give your hair the space it needs to recoverRead more >

The Top Shelf

Donna Karan

The committed yogi on the wonders of a good guru, some essential oils, and a body suit you can wear from Pilates to workRead more >

The Face

Nicole Richie

Hair going pink on a TuesdayRead more >

As Told To ITG

Charlotte Tilbury Puts Makeup On Before Bed

There's going to sleep with your makeup on, and then there's thisRead more >