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The Future Is Filtered

Try on all the makeup looks you'd like, spend $0 Read more >

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Katie Jane Hughes, Makeup Artist

"As a makeup artist, I’m not the type to say, 'Less is more,' but I think if the skin and the brows always look natural, you can wear as much of the other stuff as you want..."Read more >


Follow Friday: @DEERDANA

The illustrator recently collaborated with La Mer for their 50th Anniversary and also has a pretty groovy t-shirt line at Opening CeremonyRead more >

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Instagram's Flavor Of The Month

Some thoughts on how ombré hair, pastel dye jobs, architectural eyebrows, or any other beauty trend might last on social mediaRead more >

The Extras

A New Kind Of Gel Manicure

Kelly McPherson's Bakeneko Nails takes gel art to the next level, reminding us that nail art never left...we just weren't looking hard enoughRead more >

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My Makeup Artist Instagram Addiction Is Real

You go in to watch one close-up tutorial video, and all of a sudden you've lost hours while staring at your phone learning some really intricate contouring tricksRead more >

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Who To Follow On Instagram: The Next Supers

A few of the most captivating ladies that get paid to let people take their selfies for them—also known as "models"Read more >

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How To Style A Plastic Bag

Stylist Shaun "Peacemillion" Paige demonstrates his ability to make pretty much anything look good—via his InstagramRead more >


Follow Friday: @natewalton3

Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot sexierRead more >

Nicky Deam
The Extras

Who to Follow on Instagram: The Stylists

The best accounts to give you a leg up on next season's clothes (and a peek at how the sausage is made, if you will) Read more >

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Who to Follow on Instagram: The Models, Part 2

More of the prettiest/most fashionable/jet-setting accounts on the appRead more >

The Extras

Who to Follow on Instagram: The Models, Part 1

The social-media accounts that give our feed an editorial edgeRead more >

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The Big Instagram Boot

Stacey was eating breakfast one morning when a message appeared: "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED"Read more >