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Don't Fear Winter White

Just make sure to carry a Tide To Go pen at all timesRead more >

The Extras

Tailoring: 7 Things To Keep In Mind

Advice from Katie Anderson, a Brooklyn-based tailor, on what to know when having your clothing alteredRead more >

Five Cool Things

Fringe Gets Sleeker

Channeling Proenza, John Wayne, and Zelda Fitzgerald in one swingRead more >

The Extras

3 Vintage Wedding Dresses Transformed

Going from "something old" to "something new," with the help of a good seamstressRead more >

The Extras

Cool, Comfy Workout Clothes

The latest Adidas collaborator is a young new brand called LPD, and their use of spandex is minimalRead more >

The Top Shelf

Jane Bishop, Co-Founder, Jean Stories

The Vogue veteran and new Style Director for Travel + Leisure on simple packing tenets, the best facial she's ever had, and Bruce Springsteen's jeansRead more >

The Face

Nicole Warne, Founder, Gary Pepper

The blogger and vintage purveyor on turning to fashion as a kid, starting her own business when her closet got too full, and how to travel all the time without ruining your skinRead more >

Five Cool Things

Made Of Suede

These aren't those weird, slouchy Three Musketeers boots we all wore in high schoolRead more >

The Technique

The 2014 Holiday Party Look, Part III

Glossier's Digital Manager paints on the metallic liner and mixes a damn fine cocktailRead more >


Solange Makes A Case For Wearing It All

Sort of like having it all, but less divisiveRead more >

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Fancy Shoes Seek Good Party

The footwear won't make the party, but it can at least try, can't it?Read more >

The Technique

The 2014 Holiday Party Look, Part I

Featuring an $88 dress and bottom lash-only mascara applicationRead more >

The Extras

Thank You, Black Friday

We're grateful for this opportunity to lie around and shop onlineRead more >

Five Cool Things

Seeing Double Earrings

Jewelry that's a party in the front and the backRead more >

Five Cool Things

Long Coats For A Long Winter

Quell the impending brrrr with some brand new outerwearRead more >


Imaan Hammam Makes A Case For The Midi Skirt

Otherwise known as giving new life to ladylike lengthsRead more >

As Told To ITG

Chiharu Okunugi's Got Style

Learning from a model who does it all herselfRead more >


Agyness Deyn Makes A Case For Growing Up

Those involved include red lipstick, kitten heels, and a deep side partRead more >

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The Wearable Catsuit

Sometimes one piece is really better than twoRead more >


Emma Stone Makes A Case For Sequins

Without the slightest hint of "ice skater costume"Read more >

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'90s Jewelry Gets An Update

What goes around looks better the second time aroundRead more >


Elle Fanning Makes A Case For Skin-Toned Clothing

Some tips for mastering the naked-but-not-actually-naked trendRead more >