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The ITG Gift Guide 2015

For anyone in your life—or better yet, yourselfRead more >

Glossier HQ

#GRWM: Linda Bui

Wake up and get ready with Glossier's Product & Operations Manager (plus her adorable dog) in her Williamsburg apartment that looks more like paradise than BrooklynRead more >

The Experience

Camping Essentials To Keep You Relatively Clean & Nice-Smelling

Camping is about letting go—but a little waterproof mascara never hurt anybodyRead more >

Lancome Collaser Serum
The Experience

How to Book The Best Airbnbs, Anywhere

Advice from Rachael Yaeger, who spent seven weeks this summer jumping from city to city, booking rooms only a day or two in advanceRead more >


Constance Jablonski's Summer Road Trip

How to make it from Portugal to Spain in a tiny French car with four products or lessRead more >

The Review

The Best Hotel Toiletries Worth Traveling For

Because vacations are really just an excuse to stock up on free travel-sized body lotionsRead more >

Five Cool Things

Cool Pools

The most interesting places to go swimming that we could findRead more >


A Nonfactual, Very Unscientific Study Of Which Water Is Best

Join us as we try to stay hydrated and grow some plantsRead more >

Book Club

How To Pack Like Joan Didion

Start stocking up on leotards, guys...Read more >


Fill Your Bathroom With Plants

Here are the ones that won't mind a little humidityRead more >


Inside The Glossier 2015 Summer Showroom

The Glossier 2015 Summer Showroom is now closed, but here's a look back at last summer's penthouse celebrationRead more >

Book Club

Neccessary Excerpts From The Vogue Body And Beauty Book

“To help control from day to day; don’t look back, don’t peer into the future...Try to make one positive decision a day, starting with little things such as choosing a new lipstick.”Read more >

The Extras

How To Look Like A Bride And Not A Princess

If Gemma Ward and Charlize Theron had a baby, and then that baby proceeded to get married, that's the wedding look Jesse Dickenson's going forRead more >

The Extras

Our Favorite Packaging As Of Now

Thirty-two products that make a very strong case for a "do judge a book by its cover" approach to beauty shoppingRead more >