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The Clay Toothpaste Roundtable

We hopped on the clay toothpaste bandwagon—and then promptly hopped back offRead more >


How To Talk Tea

A breakdown of basic tea terminologyRead more >

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Arnica: Nature's Magic Eraser

The plant derivative can erase bruising, reduce swelling, and cut healing time in half—and it's completely homeopathicRead more >

The Technique

Matcha: The New Green Juice

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and sweet grassy flavor, but as easy to make as a cup of tea (because it is)Read more >

The Technique

Eat Pretty: Coconut Fig Popsicles

An easy recipe to get you feeling like a kid again—a fancy kid with a more refined paletteRead more >

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$100 Toothpaste: A Review

Luxury toothpaste is a thing, it's made from chocolate, and it leaves your teeth feeling like you just had them professionally cleanedRead more >

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Marilyn Monroe's Top Shelf

Back in 1952, Marilyn wrote her own Top Shelf: Her daily routine, how she exercised, her diet, & why she didn't tanRead more >

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Eat Pretty: Thai Chicken With Spicy Coconut Sauce

Guest starring mint, basil, tangerines, and sugar snap peas—and ready faster than an episode of True BloodRead more >

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The Meditation App For People Who Don't Meditate

Insight Timer is like the Candy Crush of meditation—except instead of becoming addicted to shoving around colorful pixel treats, you'll develop your sense of self and peace of mindRead more >

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The Lazy Person's Guide to At-Home Iced Coffee

How to stay cool, keep caffeinated, and save a bit of would-be Starbucks cash this summerRead more >

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Eat Pretty: Chocolate Butter Rice Bars With Caramel Icing

No oven or advanced baking skills required—and they're probably healthier than what you had for breakfastRead more >

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The Oprah Cleanse

A week eating nothing but foods approved by Lady ORead more >

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Eat Pretty: Saturday Morning Blueberry Pancakes

Sub the buttermilk and butter for a mashed banana and coconut oil for a lighter take on the weekend essentialRead more >

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The Cutest...Uh...Vibrator

"Female masturbation needn’t be secretive or stigmatized. Unless, of course, you’re using an ugly vibrator."Read more >

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The Best Eye Drops Are From Rohto

So eye-opening you can skip under-eye concealerRead more >


Your Next Bodega Breakfast Meal Bar

The yummiest good-for-you option for when time is of the essenceRead more >

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Beauty Benefits Of The Korean Diet

Why the secret to glowing skin could be hiding in soggy fermented cabbage and soybean pasteRead more >

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Eat Pretty: Baja Beach Tacos

Grilled fish tacos with quick-pickled veggies and avocado-jalapeño crema—because it's hot out and we're hungryRead more >

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The New Types Of Sunscreen You Didn't Know You Needed

Introducing the solid cream compact, the eyelid base, and the powder to brush into your scalpRead more >

Open Thread

When Good Pills Go Bad

Turns out that whole "med school" thing actually might have some valueRead more >

Word of Mouth

Real Talk: Botox In Your Twenties

A young Botox veteran answers all the questions you may (or may not) have hadRead more >