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Hair Ideas

Better Off Red

Getting (and keeping) healthy, "natural" red hairRead more >

The ITG 10

Moisturizing Lip Balms

The readers have spoken, and our lips will never feel gross againRead more >

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What's The Best Body Scrub For Dry Winter Skin?

Dehydrated, rough skin is an especially big issue in winter, so from now until March rolls around, we're doing our best to stay exfoliated.Read more >


Fun With Color: Cool Blonde

Hairstylist Thanos Samaras helps us find our inner MarilynRead more >


Fun With Color: Warm Brunette

The best ways to wear caramel-colored hairRead more >

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Yoga Types, Explained

Ashtanga, Core, Kundalini, or Hatha? A short, sweet, and straightforward guide...Read more >

The Extras

How To Stop Being Tired

Tricks that help even us New Yorkers get a better night's sleepRead more >


Fun With Color: Cool Red

Hairstylist Thanos Samaras and makeup artist Junko Kioka show us how to be the best auburn possibleRead more >


Fun With Color: Warm Red

Modern makeup ideas to pair with copper hairRead more >


Fun With Color: Warm Blonde

Sweet, honey hair according to hairstylist Thanos Samaras and makeup artist Junko KiokaRead more >


Fun With Color: Cool Brunette

Experimenting with that perfectly rich shade of coffee brown hairRead more >

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Juicing Ain't Easy

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a beet, asking it to love meRead more >

The Extras

What's the Best Under-Eye Concealer?

If, like many of us, you were born looking like you already needed a nap, the importance of under-eye concealer can not be overstated.Read more >

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ITG Resolutions: iOrganize Your Life

Six computer-simulated, time-saving apps that are better at life than you areRead more >


So Fresh and So Clean

Vagina washes—they're not what you think...Read more >

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What's the Most Moisturizing Lip Balm?

Lip balm may be one of humankind's greatest inventions, but there's way, way too much of it for one person to test alone.Read more >

Book Club

Jane Fonda's Workout Book

Workout and health advice from the hottest 75 year-old aroundRead more >

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How to Pedicure Yourself

Because winter's no excuse for letting your feet go to crapRead more >