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Book Club

Jane Fonda's Workout Book

Workout and health advice from the hottest 75 year-old aroundRead more >

The Extras

How to Pedicure Yourself

Because winter's no excuse for letting your feet go to crapRead more >

The Extras

What's Your Favorite Foundation Now?

You've got something on your face... and we wanna know what it isRead more >

The Extras

Party-Proof Your Makeup

A beauty guide for 24-hour party peopleRead more >

The Extras

History Lesson: The Scent of Fracas

How a legendary perfume was created, destroyed, and born againRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Best Moisturizers Under $40

We asked you for the best moisturizers under $40, and boy did you deliver...Read more >

The Review

What the Heck Is This Hairbrush For?

Ever wondered what's up with all those shapes? We got you coveredRead more >

The Review

Dry Shampoo: Our Current Favorites

We test a ton of dry shampoos (so you don't have to)Read more >

The Extras

What's Your Favorite Moisturizer Under $40?

So, we have a question for you (because, no, we aren't all-knowing): What's your favorite moisturizer under $40, and WHY? (US dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars—whatever.Read more >

Book Club

The Bobbi Brown Book of Teenage Beauty

We reminisce about the 90s beauty bible (plus, Bobbi's best quotes and photos)Read more >

The Review

Lighten Your Hair; No Dye Necessary

Suffering from peroxide withdrawal? We can helpRead more >

The Backstage

Masked Madames at Givenchy Spring 2014

Pat McGrath explains the theory and technique for Riccardo Tisci's "exquisite" futuristic facesRead more >

As Told To ITG

A Mascara Expert Sets the Record Straight

Mascara secrets, straight from someone who designs your brushes and bottlesRead more >

The Extras

Put Cornstarch in Everything

How to fix your mascara, matte-ify your nail polish, and get the grease out of your hair with the kitchen-cabinet stalwartRead more >


Our Fall 2013 Favorites

Spring 2014? Hol' up. We've still got months of layers and dark lips to tackle. Let's review...Read more >