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Your Next Adventure: Go Red

It's easier than you think (no bleach!)Read more >

The Top Shelf

Daphne Guinness, Artist and Musician

On her iconic beauty look and pulling inspiration from the "glam rock" sceneRead more >

The Top Shelf

Alex Brownsell, Co-Founder, Bleach London

Yes, you CAN bleach your hair every six weeks without it falling out—she's proofRead more >


No More Hair Breakage

At least not after reading thisRead more >

The Face

Natalie Morales, Actress & Writer

On the $6 body towel with Emma Stone's seal of approval and the best mascara with the worst nameRead more >

The Extras

The Root Of The Problem

How far would you go to live up to the image of being blonde?Read more >

ITG ♥s

Teen Beauty Brands: Where Are They Now?

It's like speculating about people in your high school year book, but this time with concrete evidenceRead more >

The Technique

Technicolor Highlights Are The New Dip-Dye

Unnatural hair colors aren't going anywhere—they're simply evolvingRead more >

The Review

Platinum Perfect

Or, why my shower is full of purple hair productsRead more >

Nicky Deam

Re-Virginizing Your Colored Hair

The how's, what's and why's to turning back the clock on the state of your hairRead more >

The Top Shelf

Liberty Ross

On her '80s-chic new bathroom, eBay-ing her wardrobe, veggie hair dye, and why having kids actually helps models look their bestRead more >

As Told To ITG

Charlotte Carey Goes Fire Red

Our pal—who happens to also be the go-to NYC colorist for all things blond—Aura Friedman sent an email last week with a pretty enticing subject line: "Charlotte Carey Makeover.Read more >


Beauty Chemistry: Blue-Tinted Hair

For when a faint hint of color is all you're looking forRead more >

Hair Ideas

Fashion People Are Already Requesting The Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Hair Colors

You heard it here first: Dusty, pearly shades are the new cotton-candy pastelsRead more >

Hair Ideas

Hair Color Forum: Let's Talk About Going Blond

Questions about lightening up? You've found the right postRead more >

The Face

Kirsty Hume, Model

"I color my hair myself, out of a box. I hate going to appointments."Read more >

As Told To ITG

I'm A Pink (Haired) Lady

...and I'm not alone. In the world of high-end hair color, pink is the new blondeRead more >

The Face

Linnea Sennerholt, Sales Assistant

"I felt like, between my blond hair and pale skin, I was disappearing..."Read more >