The Extras

3 Vintage Wedding Dresses Transformed

Going from "something old" to "something new," with the help of a good seamstressRead more >

The Professional

Peter Som, Designer

"If you just think that you’re fabulous all the time and never listen to anybody, you’re going to end up with a very expensive hobby."Read more >

The Extras

Cool, Comfy Workout Clothes

The latest Adidas collaborator is a young new brand called LPD, and their use of spandex is minimalRead more >

Five Cool Things

Made Of Suede

These aren't those weird, slouchy Three Musketeers boots we all wore in high schoolRead more >


Solange Makes A Case For Wearing It All

Sort of like having it all, but less divisiveRead more >

Five Cool Things

Fancy Shoes Seek Good Party

The footwear won't make the party, but it can at least try, can't it?Read more >


The Fashion Kiss

Starring Tom Newton and Leila NdaRead more >

Five Cool Things

Seeing Double Earrings

Jewelry that's a party in the front and the backRead more >


Imaan Hammam Makes A Case For The Midi Skirt

Otherwise known as giving new life to ladylike lengthsRead more >

As Told To ITG

Chiharu Okunugi's Got Style

Learning from a model who does it all herselfRead more >


Emma Stone Makes A Case For Sequins

Without the slightest hint of "ice skater costume"Read more >

Five Cool Things

'90s Jewelry Gets An Update

What goes around looks better the second time aroundRead more >


Poppy Delevingne Makes A Case For Muppet Coats

Consider outerwear that will make the rest of your clothing look boring in comparisonRead more >

The Extras

The Makeshift Poncho

Because who hasn't considered wearing their favorite throw blanket out in public before?Read more >

Five Cool Things

Beatle Boots: The Baddest Basics

Aka the most hardworking footwear in your fall wardrobeRead more >

Open Thread

Do You Wear Workout Gear Everywhere But The Gym?

And why are we kidding ourselves with non-stretch fabrics and things like buttons?Read more >

Five Cool Things

Shift Dresses: For Making Life Easier

The all-in-one piece of clothing that disguises your inability to put a proper outfit together before noonRead more >

The Makeup

Pores, Sweat, & Instagram

Why it's all about trying to look like you haven't tried at allRead more >

The Extras

Jacket Required

Or, How Not To Wear A Shirt In PublicRead more >

The Top Shelf

Reba Maybury, Editor, Sang Bleu

"You can read all the Simone de Beauvoir that you want but, at the end of the day, more women look at Kim Kardashian than read The Second Sex, so it’s about finding a middle ground."Read more >

Five Cool Things

'90s Sneakers Now

Keds, Vans, Reebok, Adidas and everyone's favorite canvas high tops get a 2014 updateRead more >

The Top Shelf

Jenna Lyons

The creative life force behind J. Crew on her magical skincare routine, Lena Dunham's red carpet bravery, and being real in a world with very unrealistic expectationsRead more >

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Next-Level Pajama Dressing: Wearing Your Comforter

Meet the Australian revolutionaries who wear only bedding and comfy gym clothesRead more >