Curly Hair

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Coralie Jouhier, Model

The Benetton face on her vegan hotdog cart and the challenges of growing up with red hairRead more >

Hair Ideas

Keratin: The Last Hair Straightening Frontier

Answers to key keratin straightening treatment questions, from "How long will this last?" to "Is there formaldehyde in here?"Read more >

The Face

Amirah Kassem, Founder, Flour Shop

The baking entrepreneur on curly hair, shoes, and how to smell nakedRead more >

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Chloe Malle, Social Editor, Vogue

"My baby hairs are sort of a nightmare because I don’t know where they come from. Even after a blowout, the baby hairs still manage to become this little crown of fuzz. It's a bad look, but brow gel helps."Read more >

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Evie Falci, Artist

"I’m inspired by the makeup of silent-film stars; it’s such a great look. So I guess I’m dressing for the theater of my life."Read more >