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Acupuncture At Any Time

The Item M6 tights target pressure points associated with ancient Chinese medicine for levity and stress-relief; they're also a great Spanx-alternativeRead more >

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The Sheet Mask For Your Jawline

If Hannibal Lecter was into skincare, this would be perfect for himRead more >


Sexual Healing, Powered By Crystals

Chakrubs is a line of sex toys made from crystals that promise to balance your chakras, conduct positive energy into your sexual practice, and look good on your nightstandRead more >

Word of Mouth

3 Hair Dryers Worth The Investment

Find the right one and it will be your best friend—better, evenRead more >

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Let's Talk About (Safe & Sustainable) Sex, Baby

The father-daughter duo behind Sustain Condoms wants you to bring something a little bit more organic into the bedroomRead more >

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Clarisonic Meets Body

Because we all should be treating our bodies as well as we treat our facesRead more >

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Apocalypse? There's A Cream For That

The ultimate packing list for Doomsday—it never hurts to be preparedRead more >

The Extras

The Numerous Wonders Of The Blackhead Tool

Caveman-like in simplicity and grossness, but you can't argue with the resultsRead more >

The Review

The Easy Way To Floss More

Floss picks will make your hygienist fall in love with youRead more >

The Technique

Give Yourself A Better Manicure

Deborah Lippmann, Jin Soon, Madeline Poole, and Alicia Torello dole out the tips and tricks for a great paint job at homeRead more >

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Laight & Mercer's Wet Brush

The first—and only—step in achieving perfect bedhead is learning how and when to brush your hairRead more >

Book Club

On Nora Ephron, On Boobs

And experimenting with a strange contraption called the Mark Eden Bust DeveloperRead more >

The One Thing

The Best Tweezers Are $5

And available at your local quilting supply chain storeRead more >

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Pears Soap: Transparent, Tried, & True

Pears Transparent Soap has a 200-year-old history, beloved by writers and spendthrifts alikeRead more >

The Review

Kérastase Carré Lissant Hairstyle Touch-Up Sheets

An upgrade from the dryer sheets you've been rubbing on your rootsRead more >

The Technique

Facelifts, Without The Knife

Laser treatments for the surgery-phobes who'd still like a little liftRead more >

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Rae Morris' Magnetism

The key to falling back in love with your makeup is a new (magnetic) set of brushesRead more >


Get The Glitter Off

Without completely destroying the nail underneath your festive polishRead more >

The Review

The Konjac Sponge: A Very Gentle Exfoliator

Etude House’s Natural Jelly Cleansing Puff is safe for the most sensitive of facesRead more >

The Review

How To Really Use A Curling Iron

GHD's latest release is perfect for getting that slept-in wave that looks like you haven't tried at allRead more >

The Technique

Synthetic Vs. Natural Hair Makeup Brushes

Tom Pecheux instructs on the difference and when to use whichRead more >

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The Bevel Razor Starter Kit

A single-blade system that promises a close shave without all the usual consequencesRead more >

The Review

The Clarisonic Alternative

For all the wonders of high-tech gadgetry, sometimes the analog solution is kingRead more >

The Review

Never Run Out Of Beauty Products Ever Again

The Stash app has every product you could ever want—and knows when they're on saleRead more >

Hair Ideas

But Really, This Is How To Crimp Your Hair

Three ways to successfully kink, according to hairstylist Adlena DignamRead more >

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Now Burning: Le Feu Violet

The first in a new series of the best candles to make their way through our officeRead more >