Nicky Deam
The Extras

The Future of Nail Care

RGB and Strangebeautiful bring us what's next in manicuresRead more >

The Extras

Elin Kling Nails It

"This is the perfect 'non-color' polish and works with everything you wear. It gives a luxury edge."Read more >

The Backstage

Prabal Gurung Spring 2014

Charlotte Tilbury, Paul Hanlon, and Sally Hansen make formaldehyde chicRead more >

The Technique

Pointilist Nails

A spotty, dimension-defying manicure inspired by Georges SeuratRead more >

The Extras

American Flag Nails

In honor of our country's 237th birthday, wear your heart on your sleeve and the flag on your nailsRead more >


Ke$ha's 'Spring Breakers' Moment

Do we have James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Harmony Korine to thank for the singer's latest video look?Read more >

Nicky Deam
Just In

Chanel Summer 2013 Les Vernis Nail Colours

THE lacquers of the season (we're calling it)Read more >

The Technique

Sol LeWitt Nails

A half-matte, half-glossy manicure inspired by the famed Minimalist (we're art-history nerds, what can we say...)Read more >


Red Lipstick on a Plane!

So, Turkish Airlines banned its crew from wearing red lipstick and nail polish. Say what?Read more >

ITG ♥s

I've Got The Blues

But that's a good thing! Involving nail polish!Read more >

ITG ♥s

In Defense of Orange Nails

"Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed." Discuss.Read more >


Spring Breaker Nails

A manicure inspired by Harmony Korine's twisted, trippy new filmRead more >

Just In

Going Dotty

Kusama does nail art? Kind of?Read more >

Word of Mouth

Sparkle Polish

On nail-fixation (even though, yes Mom, we know better) and how a little bit of sparkle goes a long way on not so lengthy nailsRead more >


Proenza Nails!

BFFs Madeline Poole and Jen Brill try out a DIY, designer-inspired manicureRead more >

The Review

Falling Hard For CalGel Nails

On growing up, coming around, and the might-be-magic of a gel manicureRead more >

As Told To ITG

Jaime King's Nail Secret

The actress gives us the scoop on her Hollywood-by-way-of-Shibuya manicure spotRead more >

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GIRLS Nail Lacquer Collection

Which character are you? Wait, don't answer yet.Read more >

The Review

Hard As Nails

Searching for the best nail strengthenersRead more >

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HIPP x RGB Nail Foundations

Nude nail anxiety? Jenna Hipp and RGB's Nail Foundations and Tints have you coveredRead more >

The Extras

Don't Be Jeal-y, Get Gel-y

Yep, we're giving away 50 Sally Hansen gel manicure kits...'cause we're cool like thatRead more >