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Lightweight Body Moisturizers

Quench your skin without turning into a Slip 'n SlideRead more >

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Attention Shoppers: Marc Jacobs Beauty Is Here!

The new collection from the fashion powerhouse just hit virtual shelves and it is GOODRead more >

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Working Out, Looking Good

Lipstick on the elliptical? Short-shorts on the StairMaster? One editor considers the beauty and style codes of the gymRead more >


Lucky Magazine's 'How To Tie A Fishtail Braid'

Just when we thought we had the whole braid thing on lock...Read more >

Makeup Ideas


How to shine like the Fourth of JulyRead more >

The Extras

American Flag Nails

In honor of our country's 237th birthday, wear your heart on your sleeve and the flag on your nailsRead more >

The Technique

What To Do When... You Have A Sunburn

Burned again? We've tested the best in creams, coolants, and pain-relieversRead more >

As Told To ITG

I'm A Pink (Haired) Lady

...and I'm not alone. In the world of high-end hair color, pink is the new blondeRead more >


Bobbi Brown's 'How-To: Classic Eye Makeup'

The less-is-more beauty guru brings her wisdom to YouTubeRead more >


Hairy Chests: Discuss

The new, hirsute Superman gives us something to talk aboutRead more >


Makeup Geek’s 'Top 10 Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own'

The what, where, whens, and whys of makeup brushes, in our how-to video of the weekRead more >

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Knapsack Nation

Two straps are better than oneRead more >

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How-To: Perfect Beach-Babe Hair

Chamomile tea, salt spray, and lemons...GET TO ITRead more >

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RAMY's OMG! Over-Mascara Glitter & Liner

Will a sparkly eye attract a knight in shining armor? Maybe?Read more >


The NYC Biker Gang

Maybe not the fastest thing on two wheels, but certainly the most convenientRead more >


Lisa Eldridge's 'Baby Bardot Makeup Look'

For our how-to video pick of the week, we turn back to Lisa Eldridge for her take on a young BrigitteRead more >

Hair Ideas

The Big Bob Theory

A close look at our favorite up-to-there hairRead more >

The Technique

Sol LeWitt Nails

A half-matte, half-glossy manicure inspired by the famed Minimalist (we're art-history nerds, what can we say...)Read more >


Pixiwoo's 'Dark Eyes & Lips Makeup'

Brit duo Pixiwoo offer a close approximation of the 'Rooney Mara special'Read more >

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

SPF 100+ sounds hardcore, and it is. In a good way.Read more >

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Jenna Lyons, Could You Be Any Cooler?!

What we learned from the J. Crew bigwig's Fast Company profileRead more >

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Pierre Hardy for Nars Collection

Nail polishes in mini dust bags and shoe boxes!Read more >


Michelle Phan's 'Easy Ways to Use Liquid Liner'

We go back to the basics with our 'How-To' pick of the weekRead more >