Cool Tones, For Winter!


Remember when we said "Warm Tones, For Winter!"? We meant it. This is a sequel to that story, in which we find out all tones are welcome. Cool makeup—also for winter! Who would have thought?

It's a late endorsement, but a necessary one: Nars' Sarah Moon collection is one of the best artist collaborations the brand has put out as of late. (2015's Steven Klein capsule was equally brilliant, but lost points for its terrifying fetish packaging.) Moon's photography is a brilliant reference for the winter season—moody, somber, and decidedly vintage, like The Crown. Only a lot more exciting.

Anyway, the collab was a no-brainer when Tom started concepting our cool tones makeup shoot, which was one part frostbitten Kate Moss, one part young Dolly, and one part wearable—cast onto Jess PW, the model who walked the most runway shows this past season. The other star of the shoot was Nars' Look Closer palette. It's your standard smoky nude quad, swapping bronze and rose gold for chocolate, mahogany, and black. Makeup artist Allie Smith spread them out across the eye, dusting a hint of MAC Spellbinder Shadow in Blue Karma over that for another layer of chill and a couple healthy coats of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

As for the lips, take note: This is not lip color from a bullet. Pink lipstick has a tendency to skew Palm Beach, so it helps to start with your natural lip color—like Jess', with a little foundation buffed over to nude it out ever so slightly, plus Lipstick Queen Ice Queen over that. It doubles as a pearlescent highlighter, but is most effective for, as Allie says, "knocking the warm out of your lips." The result is the perfect shade of bubblegum, with a little glitter for measure. By sheer coincidence, we heard shiny lips were coming back.

Jess PW (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Allie Smith.

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