Warm Tones, For Winter!


Makeup will not keep you warm. At best, a well-applied layer can provide one more barrier against the blistering winds that are guaranteed to come. But we at ITG recommend more practical things for the cold, like coats and gloves and those little self-heating pads you keep inside your gloves. This is not an endorsement for makeup as cold weather protection.

This is, however, an endorsement for warm-toned makeup as a cold weather antidote. A few weeks ago, Tom thought up a whole shoot inspired by model Madison Stubbington, whom he saw walking around Soho on one of November's chillier days, hair a-tangle and cheeks a-flush. Beauty editors love talking about cool tones around this time, which makes sense given the weather conditions, but that kind of warm flush just looks so good. Like Maman's very Instagrammable cups... Who cares if the matcha, hot chocolote, whatever tastes good, so long as it really goes great with your nail/coat situation.

If dark lipstick is the makeup equivalent of a snowy day, then what follows errs on the side of a warm fireplace and a hot cider beverage. If it doesn't actually help raise your internal body temperature, at least it'll lift your spirits. For everything else, there's Woolrich.


The Reds

Ingeborg handled Madi's makeup, armed with naught but some reference photos of Audrey Mamay by Perry Ogden. The first look could best be described as a wash of warmth—a little something on the eyes, lips, and cheeks, without committing too much to any of them. For blush, mix Nars' red Exhibit A with the orange Taj Mahal, two very dramatic shades that play extremely well together. It's half and half for Madi's fair skin, but adjust the ratio depending on your own complexion. The lips are Nars too, in Autumn Leaves. Fitting!
Madi wears an Ulla Johnson top and jeans, an Orla Kiely beret, and H&M earrings.


The Wines

Dewy, glossy makeup is another thing that people seem to leave behind in August—but not you! For the second look, start with Kevyn Aucoin's The Creamy Glow in the very berry Patrice on lips and cheeks. It's a melty cream formula that sinks into skin and, coincidentally, fairs well in inclement weather. Finish the lips with The Lip Gloss in Bloodroses for maximum shine. Kevyn's gloss is fortified with castor oil and lanolin, which means no lip balm is needed.
Madi wears an Orla Kiely dress.


The Oranges

If Tom's encounter with Madi inspired this shoot, then the new Chantecaille Protect The Lions Palette—which arrived in the office a few weeks ago—brought it to fruition. The four bronzy, glittering shades are everything your warm winter smoky eye dreams are made of. Start by going around the eye with the lighter shades in the palette, dusting the cheeks with a little more Taj Mahal and applying Nars Audacious Lipstick in Catherine. Then blot a little off and slap on some Balm Dotcom. Because it's cold outside, and the moisture is much needed.
Madi wears an Orla Kiely coat, 3.1 Phillip Lim top, and H&M earrings.


Oh, and The Hair

The last time you heard from Holly Mills, she was styling Winona Ryder for New York Magazine. She returned to deliver a master class in Winter Waves; apply Aveda's Witch Hazel Hairspray from root to tip, clip the hair back how you want it to dry (creating bends along the way—more on this in a post to come), and release it when dry. For some extra volume, Holly wet Madi's hair with Aveda's Pure Abundance Hair Potion and styled it into a loose braid, shaking the hair from the tip of the braid as if to try to get the whole thing to come undone. That's how you achieve the volume you see above. (If you're looking for the color, though, we're sorry. You'll need a different kind of professional for that.)

Madison Stubbington photographed by Tom Newton. Makeup by Ingeborg. Hair by Holly Mills. Styling by Lilli Milhiser.

If it's a cooler look you're after, can we suggest purple?.