Is The Matte Lip Trend On Its Way Out?


The Annual Awards Season 2017 cometh, folks, and before you get too bored of red carpet coverage for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I wanted to slide one piece of trend forecasting courtesy of the Golden Globes into your gluten- and dairy-free low-glycemic smoothie today: Maybe, just maybe, matte lipstick is on its way out. The only reason I have the guts to propose this is because I heard it from Mr. @makeupbymario himself, Mario Dedivanovic. This is the guy that essentially made contouring happen. The man just knows.

How did it come up? Well, we spoke last night on the topic of Naomie Harris' low-key, very well-done glam for the Globes—in particular, her pinky nude lipcolor. Dare I say, her lips but better? Pinks, in my opinion, can be very hit or miss and Naomie's was perfect.

"How did you go about finding the right shade of pink for Naomie?" I asked. (For the record, Mario used Chanel Crayon de Couleur Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayon in Nude and Rose Clair blended together.)

"As long as the lip color has a sheen and some creaminess to it, there aren't so many rules," Mario told me. "When the color is matte and heavy, that's when you have to start worrying about undertones and all that."

" you think matte lipsticks are on their way out as a trend?" I asked tentatively, not wanting to offend his otherworldly sense of the beauty industry and its ebbs and flows.

"Gosh I hope so," he said. "I do think we are moving away from the matte lip. I've always loved a true creamy lipstick or a gloss and I think that look is definitely about to make a comeback."

So hold on to your lip kits people, we're about to have a whole host of new lip finishes to talk about. Maybe more sparkles too? Or lip illuminators, to Brennan's delight? Only time will tell. For the now, tell us—what are you excited about/over/ready for in 2017? Lipswise, that is.

—Emily Ferber

Photos via Mario Dedivanovic.