The Review

Herbal Essences Brings The Nostalgia

Returning to the Smooth and Shine collections, which, thankfully, haven't been rebranded and repackaged quite yetRead more >

The Technique

Treat Yo Hair

Five steps once a month to make up for the fact that you never use shampoo anymoreRead more >

Word of Mouth

Yes, Your Shampoo Can "Stop Working"

Answering that age-old assumption that you should occasionally switch to another hair cleanserRead more >

Nicky Deam
ITG ♥s

Try Purely Perfect's Cleansing Cream

Or how to quit washing your hair without actually quitting washing your hairRead more >

The Review

Smell My Hair: The Best-Smelling Shampoos

We judge dozens of hair cleansers by the one thing we all secretly care a lot about: scentRead more >

The Review

Dry Shampoo: Our Current Favorites

We test a ton of dry shampoos (so you don't have to)Read more >

Nicky Deam
ITG ♥s

Five Wits Moisturizing Cleanser and Conditioner

A shampoo and conditioner that help extend the time between washesRead more >