Pop Culture

The Professional

Joe Zee

The stylist on the power of persistence, styling Mariah Carey's "Honey" video, and bringing sexy back for Justin Timberlake (and every dude today in a vest and skinny tie)Read more >


Alternate Endings: Sex And The City

What if Carrie wasn't "the one" for Big?Read more >

The Top Shelf

Joe Zee, Creative Director, Elle

The stylist and TV host on starting a skincare regimen at 40, and being a man who wears makeup (sometimes)Read more >


All Of Wes Anderson's Emotional Slow Motion Shots Rolled Into One

Escape into four minutes and seven seconds worth of tweed and fabulously smudged eyelinerRead more >

The Top Shelf

China Machado, Model

If you read one thing on the internet today, make it this interview.Read more >

The Extras

In the Raw: The Makeup of HBO's Girls

Lopsided lipstick, after-sex mascara, and Twentysomething beauty talk with the series' lead makeup artist, Patricia Regan ­Read more >


Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn"

The manic, pixie-haired dream girl taught us all how complicated breaking up can beRead more >

The Extras

My Life As A Sorority Girl

Annie Kreighbaum, ITG's new senior editor, attempts to make sense of her old beauty routine (and all of those Facebook albums...)Read more >

The Top Shelf

Amanda Lepore

"When the press found out I was a transsexual, they liked me even more. For me, it wasn’t about trying to pass for a woman. I am anti that. I think that’s what set me apart."Read more >

Book Club

17 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Birkin And Serge Gainsbourg

Andrew Birkin (brother to Jane) recounts years of memories with his beloved sister and her beau in his new photo bookRead more >


Perfect365 is the New 'Words With Friends'

Meet the new app on which you'll be wasting your next precious moments of free timeRead more >

The Face

Angel Haze, Rapper

"I want to be a rock star. That’s why I’m so in my own head, that’s why I dress this way."Read more >

The Top Shelf

Phoebe Tonkin, Actress

"For filming, we walk a fine line between looking like real people and looking camera-ready. It takes a full hour-and-a-half in the makeup chair every day to complete the look."Read more >

The Face

LeeAnet Noble, Dancer

The stepper-turned-Rick-Owens-model on her Paris Fashion Week debut, comfortable clothing, and CoverGirlRead more >


Baby Breakdancing, It's a Good Thing

Let six-year-old Brit 'B-Girl Terra' dance her way into your heartRead more >

Five Cool Things

Let's Up The Risk Factor

The ingredients for a 'Business'-casual night outRead more >

The Face

Danielle Brooks, Actress, Orange is the New Black

The Juilliard grad and star of the hit Netflix series on wearing close-to-zero makeup on camera, singing in MAC stores, and finding a good dermatologistRead more >

The Top Shelf

Emily Ratajkowski, Model

The 'Blurred Lines' video muse on nudity and drugstore makeup (plus, a video of her favorite things)Read more >

The Face

Tegan and Sara, Musicians

"We don’t want to alienate our young audience by being too made up," Tegan says, "but we understand how to work our assets."Read more >

The Extras

What's the Deal with Pigments?

We put those mysterious color powders to the test at Chicago's Lollapalooza Music Festival because, why not?Read more >

The Face

Aziz Ansari, Comedian

The Parks and Recreation star dishes on his beauty routineRead more >