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Louise Parker By Didier Malige

A lesson in how to "be more wild" because it's spring, and who doesn't need a haircut?Read more >

The Extras

A Cut Above: Looking Back At Major On-Screen Hair Cuts

Dissecting the motion picture rhetoric of on-screen 'impulse haircut,' from G.I. Jane to Walter WhiteRead more >

The Extras

The Long Hair Longing—And How To Get Over It

"Fast forward 20 years to me in front of my boyfriend's bathroom mirror, snipping off my parched ends with his beard scissors. The hair I'd been holding onto for way too long, convinced the technical length it gave me meant something, was in the sink in front of me."Read more >

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The Haircut Menu

Eight perfect haircuts, for when you're feeling uninspired but have an appointment in 15 minutesRead more >

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Cutting Hair...With Fire

James Pecis explains the old-school trick for getting rid of split ends (and potentially the rest of your hair)Read more >

Nicky Deam
Hair Ideas

10 Career-Making Hair Transformations

The major hair changes that will help you make it big—tried and tested by 52 real-life famous people Read more >

Nicky Deam
The Technique

Should I Get Bangs?

Mackenzie tries out three sets of customized clip-ins to silence the voice(s) inside her headRead more >


What About Bob?

All it took was a three-day Indian wedding for writer Katherine Bernard to truly understand (and appreciate) the versatility of her haircutRead more >

Hair Ideas

The Big Bob Theory

A close look at our favorite up-to-there hairRead more >