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How Do You Pack Your Products?

Comedian Emmy Blotnick just moved across the country, with all of her makeup, skincare, body lotions, etc. in tow. Packing was understandably a nightmare. Please learn from her mistake (and share your own so we can all pack a little better next time)Read more >

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What's The Strangest Beauty Product You Own?

Time to shed a little light on your own personal beauty cabinet of curiositiesRead more >

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How Do You Pedicure?

Painting your toenails is like shaving your legs—made quickly relevant again by the presence of warm weatherRead more >

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Help, I'm Engaged

Emily is getting married and wants adviceRead more >

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Is Perfect Eyeliner Possible?

Signs point to no—but let's work through it anyway, one wing at a timeRead more >

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What Will You Stick To This Season?

It's the first day of spring, and good news—you get a do-over for those forgotten New Year's resolutionsRead more >

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The Butt Facial: A Review

Just try not to have a Nicki Minaj song stuck in your head as they zap your posterior with microcurrents. We dare youRead more >

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What's Your Favorite Hand Soap?

You probably (hopefully) use it more than any other single beauty product—so how do you go about choosing the right one? Inquiring minds want to knowRead more >

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What's On Your Nightstand?

Like that "What’s in your bag?" meme, only sleepier and less mobileRead more >

As Told To ITG

Alexa Chung On Hair

Everybody's favorite hair muse on what it's like to constantly want to change your style, even if you know betterRead more >

Open Thread

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Working from home au naturale, a bottle of red wine and a movie instead of being social on a Friday...everyone's got a thing—time to share with the publicRead more >

The Extras

That's Just How My Face Is

Resting bitchface may not be the most welcoming, but accepting it is half the battleRead more >

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Have You Made Friends Online?

Nothing feels better than tweeting at Hugh Hefner and watching him favorite itRead more >

Open Thread

Where Do You Cut Back?

A less sexy conversation starter than frivolous spending, but probably more importantRead more >

Open Thread

What's In A Compliment?

There's the superficial ones—and then there's life-altering, perspective-changing kind you never forgetRead more >


Beauty Marks: A History Lesson

From portending bad omens to sending secret messages, the mole has always been one of the face's hotly contested featuresRead more >

The Extras

Adventures In Extreme Vitamin Treatments

Intravenous infusions claim to cure hangovers (among other things)—but are they safe?Read more >