Open Thread

How Do You Pack Your Products?

Comedian Emmy Blotnick just moved across the country, with all of her makeup, skincare, body lotions, etc. in tow. Packing was understandably a nightmare. Please learn from her mistake (and share your own so we can all pack a little better next time)Read more >

Open Thread

Help, I'm Engaged

Emily is getting married and wants adviceRead more >

The Extras

Make Your Own Almond Milk

A surprisingly easy recipe that works for everything from pistachios to macadamiasRead more >


Sleep Training For World Travelers

Testing out Entrain, the app that uses math and Bono sunglasses to help you defeat jet lagRead more >

Open Thread

What Will You Stick To This Season?

It's the first day of spring, and good news—you get a do-over for those forgotten New Year's resolutionsRead more >


Say Yes To The Mess

The first step is acceptanceRead more >

Just In

Cire Trudon Scented Matches

When your matches smell as good as your candles (nay, better), why bother even lighting them?Read more >

The Extras

Good Mood Food

What to eat when you're feeling down, out, or otherwise glum (and don't want to feel that way anymore)Read more >


Five Shower Upgrades You Don't Need New Plumbing For

How to make your bathroom feel a little bit more like a hotelRead more >

As Told To ITG

Started From The Bottom...

Now they're here, and they're giving advice on how to deal with the in-between yearsRead more >

The Backstage

Maria Borges' New York Fashion Week Diary

The model's high points, disappointments, and the time she ran down the West Side Highway in heels to make it to a show on timeRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Caroline Issa, Editor & Designer

On the bars with the best lighting, her new clothing line, and calling it a night after dessertRead more >


A Killer Inner Thigh Workout From AKT InMotion

10 minutes, two towels, twice in a row—get prepared to have really great legs, courtesy of Anna KaiserRead more >

Open Thread

What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Working from home au naturale, a bottle of red wine and a movie instead of being social on a Friday...everyone's got a thing—time to share with the publicRead more >


Madeleine & Mitch's Tulum Vacation

What's the best way to spend Valentine's Day? Barely clothed with your sweetheart and an endless supply of margaritas, probablyRead more >


Key Son's 10-Step Model Workout

10 easy steps to get the model butt of your dreamsRead more >

The Review

Would You Like Charcoal With That Juice?

Testing the lastest in juice fads, one grayish black bottle at a timeRead more >

Open Thread

When Do You Wax?

A group analysis of proper bikini area etiquetteRead more >

The Professional

Peter Som, Designer

"If you just think that you’re fabulous all the time and never listen to anybody, you’re going to end up with a very expensive hobby."Read more >

The Technique

An Introduction To Art Collecting

Turn your studio apartment into an emerging artist galleryRead more >

The Extras

Get Happy

Emily Ferber's lofty New Year's resolution turned new life philosophyRead more >

Open Thread

Where Do You Cut Back?

A less sexy conversation starter than frivolous spending, but probably more importantRead more >


The Art Of The Power Pose

Channel Beyoncé, Wonder Woman, and Amy Cuddy—but keep it all insideRead more >

As Told To ITG

Cure Your Hangover

The sisters behind Hemsley + Hemsley chat (quietly) about how to prevent, but more importantly, how to solve your post-party aches and painsRead more >


Poppin' Bottles: Two Ways To Open Champagne

The safe way, and the not-so-safe way, with Momofuku's Jordan SalcitoRead more >

The Technique

Learning To Love Acupuncture

Why playing pin cushion every once and awhile can cure you of everything from hay fever to anxietyRead more >


Thing To Win: A Trip To Paris On Airbnb

Free airfare, Parisian accommodation, and a shopping spree at Galeries Lafayette—we'll take itRead more >

The Extras

From Russia With Suds

In New York’s East Village, the Russian & Turkish Baths carry on a proud tradition of old country schvitzingRead more >

The Technique

The 2014 Holiday Party Look, Part III

Glossier's Digital Manager paints on the metallic liner and mixes a damn fine cocktailRead more >

Open Thread

Do You Have A Duty-Free Problem?

Shopping while jet-lagged really should be illegalRead more >