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The Wipes That Keep My Engagement Ring Shining Like The Chrysler Building


I’ve turned into one of those people you probably hate. You know, the kind of human that never stops talking about their upcoming wedding. That’s me right now and I know, I know, I’m awful.

But I can’t kick the habit until after my wedding (and even then, who knows…), so I’ve landed on turning my current obsession, my wedding, into some sort of service. More specifically, a few tips and tricks I’ve learned in this cost-prohibitive journey. I have no advice about the actual planning process besides that it’s very hard and nobody wants to hear your complaints, but I can help with something far far more important: The art of making your engagement ring (or any kind of diamond or metal, for that matter) shine like the Chrysler building.

Ever since my fiancé put a ring on it two Septembers ago, it’s been my lot in life to keep it super shiny at all times. The recently engaged population is constantly asked to show the ring, and I want to make sure I'm giving everyone the very best visuals. A year ago, a friend sent over a congratulatory wedding package with something called Jewelry Wipes by Bling Wipes, inside. “Nice,” I thought, but didn’t touch them. I mean, why did I need wipes when I had Windex? (You laugh, but Sotheby’s quite literally recommends this.) And yet as these things go, I ran out of Windex at an inopportune time—the day of my engagement photo shoot. As I mentally prepared myself to haul ass to the drugstore and buy a replacement, I remembered these wipes that were tucked away in my bathroom drawer—could they work?


Oh, yes—they could. With just. one. wipe.

The wipes are pre-moistened little squares with, I discovered during my first re-order, loads of five-star reviews on Amazon. Don’t ask me what they’re made with because the truth is I don’t know. The packaging doesn't mention any details on the shining formula (A common theme among a lot of other brands I checked out as well, what gives? Proprietary info?), but rather notes that the solution gets rid of dirt and makeup that are at the root of dimming your jewel’s brilliance.

So they clean well, yes, but they are also wildly convenient. I can throw a few in my bag for a quick wipe at work (hand cream is another new essential of mine, but the downside is that it always dulls my stone), or in my suitcase for travel, which I will certainly be doing a lot of this season. Face, nails, ring—my shiny lifestyle know no bounds.

—Chloe Hall

Photo via ITG