What Feels Good To Talk About Right Now?


Some conversations are easier to escape than others. But when it's a conversation playing out across your TV screen, on all your social feeds and across the world, it gets a little harder to just check out, even when you want to. COVID-19 has taken over the news and our thoughts to the point that it's hard to think of anything else.

But, hey! We’re trying to make the best of it with the tools we’ve got on hand. Instead of going out and making new friends, we’re reuniting with old ones, the Gilmore Girls. Instead of the sound of our own voices, we’re listening to our favorite albums, or our partner’s hand crinkling a bag of popcorn in the next room over. Problem is, after a while this will start to feel boring and there’s only so much self-amusement one person can generate. And that’s why now we’re throwing a few questions over to you. What do you want to talk about right now? What would make sitting at home alone a little less lonely? The internet any less of a stressful place? How about what we're all cooking for ourselves these days? The podcasts we're listening to? How we're organizing, organizing, organizing? Let us know, and we’ll try our best to make it happen. Let's get closer here, while we're distancing everywhere else.

Photo via ITG.