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It's Cold Out, But You Still Have to Shower


I love taking showers...once I make it to one. It’s the journey—especially around this time of year—that makes it daunting. Making myself disrobe, then working up the willpower to scurry through my freezing living room to the bathroom in my towel is... uncomfortable, to say the least. But I know I have to shower—hygiene is a small yet crucial habit that we all must heed, like watching the trailers before the movie you came for begins. The key is to trick myself into getting excited, you know? A little hype before the main event. So, as soon as it starts getting cold and I need a little morning push to will myself to the bathroom, here’s what I like to have up my sleeve:

The coziest robe on Earth

First and foremost. I recommend picking one up that’s lightweight and cozy, but will still absorb any residual water if you don’t wick yourself off enough with a towel. Parachute and Brooklinen both have classic options that will happily introduce you to the luxurious world of huggable cotton. And there’s this piped, above-the-knee selection from Only Hearts if you want to feel a little more mademoiselle instead of madame. Make the choice, embrace the plush.

A mask that warms you up

The journey to the shower is cold and dark and full of terrors, so I like to warm things up a bit. Farmacy’s Honey Potion Renewing Mask spreads like melted butter over your skin, and gives a nice, warming sensation once it’s on. Maybe it’s the royal jelly extract, or maybe it’s just the heating effect, but my skin does look more glowy out the shower after I’ve used this. It’s kind of gimmicky, but in a fun way.

A spa scent

A foolproof way to make your shower more inviting is to spruce it up with some eucalyptus. And while the shrubby plants are koala-approved and make my showerhead look very photogenic, I still turn to eucalyptus essential oils as my lazy shortcut. I flick some on my shower walls, and once my shower is at full steam, the room smells so fresh and spa-like. Throwing some energizing spearmint essential oils into the mix doesn’t hurt either.

An in-shower present

You’re doing it! You’re in the shower, doing the damn thing. Feeling warm, cuddly, and like you could stand under the showerhead forever? Then, indulge. I love to multitask and do a quick, lactic acid pore-cleansing peel from Peter Thomas Roth while I’m polishing my body into a nub. And lately, I’ve been loving Nécessaire’s Sandalwood Body Scrub because it physically and chemically exfoliates my body’s rougher corners. Great for my KP that flares up even more during cover-up-your-entire-body season. After I’m done showering, I won’t let my body completely dry before applying some kind of moisturizer. Jordan Samuels’ Body Oil is so sumptuous and citrus-y that after your shower journey is complete, you’ll want to curl up and start your new, rightful life as a plump baby seal. Sayonara!

—Utibe Mbagwu

Photo via ITG.