The Face

Quincy Davis, Surfer

When texting surfer dudes is part of your morning routineRead more >

As Told To ITG

All Models Take Viviscal

Or at least, all people with really good hairRead more >

The Technique

Treat Yo Hair

Five steps once a month to make up for the fact that you never use shampoo anymoreRead more >

As Told To ITG

The Best $4 Hair Gel

Straight from Michelle Harper and DaniloRead more >

As Told To ITG

Linda Rodin, Olio Lusso

How she maintains her silver hair, Rodin the brand, and her sense of selfRead more >

The Look

The Look: Naty In Giorgio Armani

We're starting to sense a hair pattern...Read more >

Hair Ideas

How To Wear Hair Gel

Without looking like a Backstreet BoyRead more >


Olaplex: Hair Color's Holy Grail

The chemistry behind the brand's overnight success storyRead more >

The Look

The Look: Teresa Oman In Guerlain

The internet's favorite model in everyone's favorite bronzer and kohlRead more >

The Top Shelf

Selena Gomez

On her grandmother's skincare, really epic showers, and how everything's changed since Spring BreakersRead more >

Book Club

All Hail Guido!

And his new book, perfectly suited for your coffee tableRead more >

Hair Ideas

No Dry Shampoo? No Problem

You probably have this something else that will work just as wellRead more >

Hair Ideas

But Really, This Is How To Crimp Your Hair

Three ways to successfully kink, according to hairstylist Adlena DignamRead more >

Hair Ideas

Genetics Be Damned

Alexis explores life as an Asian woman with blond hair Read more >

The Review

If You're Flakey And You Know It, Try This Stuff

The first step in getting rid of dandruff is admitting that you have itRead more >

The Technique

Citi Bike Is The New Blowout

A trip to SoulCycle and Drybar in one, for way less cashRead more >

The Extras

Back To Brown

Just hold on we're going home. It's hard to do these things alone. —DrakeRead more >

Hair Ideas

The Drugstore Checklist: Hair

The best hair products from the shelves of Walgreens, straight to the Top ShelvesRead more >

The Technique

Too Dumb To Be Blonde

A hair color PSA for anyone who's considering making a big changeRead more >

The Review

The Hair Mask That Won't Stain Your Pillows

So you can stop using that as an excuse not to deep conditionRead more >

Hair Ideas

More Hair Accessories, Please

How to get your drawer full of scrunchies, clips, combs, pins, and bands back into rotationRead more >

Hair Ideas

Comb Overs, New And Improved

First normcore, and now this—further proof that your dad is fashion's current museRead more >

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The Haircut Menu

Eight perfect haircuts, for when you're feeling uninspired but have an appointment in 15 minutesRead more >

The Review

Beach Hair By The Bottle

Because taking a dip in the ocean isn't always the most convenient optionRead more >

The Technique

Cutting Hair...With Fire

James Pecis explains the old-school trick for getting rid of split ends (and potentially the rest of your hair)Read more >