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Sheila Marquez On Pregnancy

The Spanish-bred, Brooklyn-based model says there's no right time or right way to have a babyRead more >

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Winter Brings Elevated Body Glitter Technology

Shine bright like a diamond, or a teenager who's particularly into The Body ShopRead more >

Open Thread

What's Your Weirdest Beauty Trick?

For no mascara clumps, blush-free blush, airbrushed foundation, and moreRead more >

The Technique

Meditation To Go

Ways to settle your mind, body, and spirit while walking to the nearest subway stopRead more >

The Review

Egg White Soap

A mask and cleanser in one—for $5Read more >

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Vibrators: A Film (NSFW, Obviously)

"It's such a good vibration / It's such a sweet sensation..." -Marky Mark and the Funky BunchRead more >

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Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Fancy hand sanitizer to better stave off the season's illnessesRead more >


& Other Stories Arrives

H&M's sister brand just opened in New York, and its beauty line is really goodRead more >

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Wear This Instead Of Socks

Gehwol's foot deodorant is brilliantRead more >

The Review

The Slick Spritz

Like the butter that comes in a spray bottle, but for your bodyRead more >

The Review

An Ode To Old Spice

Fun fact: the boys actually borrowed this one from usRead more >

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Uka Salt & Pepper Hand Treatment Spices

You'll be looking for reasons to get your hands dirtyRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Drugstore Checklist: Skin & Body Products

Pulled straight from the Top Shelves, everything you ought to have (and ought not to spend a lot of money on)Read more >

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The Metallic Tattoo

A solution to the age-old struggle of having to take all your gold chains off to go through airport securityRead more >

As Told To ITG

Deodorant Roll Call

All the sticks, crystals, and roll-ons worthy of Top Shelf shout outsRead more >

The Review

Lotions Light Enough For Summer

Hydrating options that won't get sticky, slick, or prevent you from utilizing vinyl seating options Read more >

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BB Cream For Your Legs

More than a moisturizer, but not quite body makeup, Jergens BB Body lotion is one more reason to solely wear cutoffs all summer longRead more >

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Marilyn Monroe's Top Shelf

Back in 1952, Marilyn wrote her own Top Shelf: Her daily routine, how she exercised, her diet, & why she didn't tanRead more >

The Review

The Cutest...Uh...Vibrator

"Female masturbation needn’t be secretive or stigmatized. Unless, of course, you’re using an ugly vibrator."Read more >

Book Club

Diane Von Furstenberg's Guide To Bathing

Her 1993 book, The Bath, is a trove of interesting historical facts on bathing and a look at the glorious baths of her fanciest friendsRead more >

The Technique

The Hippie Grind: A Primer On Dry Brushing

How to do it, why to do it (hint: got cellulite?), when to do it, and what brush to useRead more >

The Extras

Stop The Eyebrow Madness, Please

Eyebrows are having a moment, and Lacey hates itRead more >


The Power Of Piercings

Ali Michael on having a few extra holes in her head (and elsewhere)Read more >

Open Thread

Is Self-Tanner Still A Thing?

I'm as divided as a tan line right now, you guysRead more >

The Review

The Most Fun-To-Use Exfoliators

Peels, scrubs, and masks that look a little odd but work really wellRead more >


Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Tattoos

Why Americans used to ink their children, and whether or not you'll regret getting oneRead more >