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Word of Mouth

The Problem With Birkenstocks

Is that they're making your feet too lazy for the next time you want to wear heelsRead more >

The Review

Baby Lips Will Make You Feel 13 Again

There's lip balm, and then there's glitter, candy-scented lip balmRead more >

Open Thread

How Do You Balance?

Because the most satisfying thing about going on a cleanse is cheating on the cleanseRead more >

The Review

Glow For The Broke: The Best Drugstore Highlighters

The finest illuminating products you can pick up along with some Twizzlers and a fresh roll of paper towels at your nearest CVSRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Top Crops

Five cool crop tops because regular-length tops take up too much spaceRead more >

The Review

The Meditation App For People Who Don't Meditate

Insight Timer is like the Candy Crush of meditation—except instead of becoming addicted to shoving around colorful pixel treats, you'll develop your sense of self and peace of mindRead more >

Word of Mouth

Yes, Your Shampoo Can "Stop Working"

Answering that age-old assumption that you should occasionally switch to another hair cleanserRead more >

The Review

Why Are You Not Using These Drugstore Nail Wraps?!

Why Sally Hansen nail polish strips might wean you off the bottleRead more >

The Extras

Which Vanity Mirror Is Right For You?

A guide to choosing the right makeup mirror for your unique lifestyle—and eye makeup preferenceRead more >

ITG ♥s

The Best Eye Drops Are From Rohto

So eye-opening you can skip under-eye concealerRead more >


Your Next Bodega Breakfast Meal Bar

The yummiest good-for-you option for when time is of the essenceRead more >

The Review

The New Types Of Sunscreen You Didn't Know You Needed

Introducing the solid cream compact, the eyelid base, and the powder to brush into your scalpRead more >

The Review

Adventures In DIY Eyelash Tinting

"Godefroy promises 28 days worth of permanency at only $9, so I thought, 'Sure, I’ll rub this stuff on my eyes.'"Read more >

The Extras

The Long Nail Life

Advantages, drawbacks, and tips to growing and maintaining extra-long fingernailsRead more >

Color Coding

The Best Pink Lipsticks

For the moment at least, and swatched for your viewing pleasureRead more >

ITG ♥s

Summer, Condensed And Bottled

Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume smells of sunscreen, coconuts, and probably Brazilian modelsRead more >

The Technique

How To Stop Picking At Your Skin

Dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler's six methods to curb dermatillomania, aka the urge to pickRead more >

The Extras

The Workout For Those Who Hate Working Out

If you haven’t tried it yet, maybe nobody’s told you that Pilates is basically lounging's answer to physical activityRead more >


The $3000 Skincare Routine

Observations from a month of living out the ultimate La Mer-soaked fantasyRead more >


Follow Friday: @natewalton3

Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot sexierRead more >


Decoding Cosmetic Labels

What the tiny symbols on your makeup packages mean, because nobody speaks WingdingsRead more >