The Perfectly Packed Makeup Bag


Hectic travel season is upon us yet again, ladies and gents. It's the time of year that not only includes shuffling to and from airports repeatedly in a month-and-a-half span of time (this Thanksgiving, ITG is thankful for TSA pre-check), but the constant packing, unpacking, and repacking of all of your belongings into a Rollaboard. Plenty of room for mistakes—forgotten contacts, adaptors, and pajamas are just a fact of life—but your beauty bag doesn't have to be one of them. Pack it once and all you'll have to do is throw it in your tote each trip and you're set.

For inspiration, we're turning to Jillian Dempsey—recent Top 25 inductee and the celebrity makeup artist behind the no-fuss makeup looks you see on Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. We asked for her makeup kit essentials and are filling dopp kits accordingly. Perhaps you should do the same?

Kevyn Aucoin Etherealist Liquid Foundation

"This delivers a sheer, even application," Jillian says, "and has a nice range of colors for most skin types," more importantly.

Chantecaille Camouflage Stylo Pen Concealer

"Easy to apply," she says, "and good coverage without a heavy weight." And the brush tip means packing fewer tools.

Her own Lid Tints

Listen, the lady loves her own product—and for good reason! Like watercolors, and not just for your lids, she says. "The clear satin sheen works as a highlighter too, even over lips. It’s also mostly organic which is really important to me."

Glossier Boy Brow

Not an ad! From Jillian: "It’s definitely a kit staple. I feel like I’m set when I’m with it." Filled in, fluffier brows in 10 seconds or less.

DHC Mascara

"This is my go-to mascara. I like the dry time on it, and it's no-drip while still being buildable." Not for nothing, Emma Watson loves it, too.

Tom Ford Quad in Cocoa Mirage

"This is a classic kit pleaser—it’s the original taupe." And the ultimate luxury beauty purchase.

Bybi Mega Mist

Set it all up with a boost of hydration: "It's rich in hyaluronic acid and I love the smell."


Jillian says "I love my Japanese brushes—Haku Hodo brushes are a recent discovery. They’ve changed my game in drawing a line." She also calls out the Troy Surratt Eyelash Curler. "It delivers the perfect curl," she says." And it's gorg.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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