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Now Streaming: ITG Top 25 Season 2


When the ITG team decided it was time to inaugurate our own beauty awards program back in 2016, the theme was obvious: Make it a celebration of our greatest hits. The products that were mentioned, photographed, and reviewed time and time again by anyone who ever had a Top Shelf or aspired to build their own. We ran the numbers, totaled it all up, and weren't very surprised by the results. Bioderma, Biologique, Diorshow... We debuted last October with a list of 25 items that we knew you already loved.

Today, we've flipped the script. Turns out, you can only pull the "most-mentioned" card a grand total of once before it feels redundant. So this year, the team paid no attention to the number @s any product had to its name. Instead, we went into it blind, asking ourselves: In the past year, what's truly inspired us to rethink our routines? The playing field was less crowded than you'd think. There are only so many different serums an editor can use in a day, month, or year—try as we might. Not everything stands out. But everything in 2017's The New Guard does.

Among this year's ITG Top 25 inductees, you'll find the retinol everyone in Hollywood uses, the completely dry sheet mask that clocks in at $7 per use, and, of course, Pat McGrath. What you won't find: categories, rankings, or a singular Product Of The Year. In sum, it's a collection that makes us excited to work in beauty. And it has us dreaming of a world where there's a little less marketing and little more innovation in our dopp kits. Because what's better than a beauty product that actually works? Not much—which is why I'll get out of your way so you can meet your new favorites. Let me know what you think.

Welcome to the future.

—Emily Ferber

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