Coco Baudelle, Actress + Screenwriter


“I moved to New York right before Glossier started. I knew some downtown girls here, but they were all from different crews. It’s crazy, it’s so small here—everyone knows everyone. That first winter in New York was amazing. I had just met Camille Rowe, and Kristin Gallegos, and all those girls who hang out together. Everyone was around, Baby Grand had just opened, and it was basically impossible to get in unless you were famous. [Laughs] That’s probably the time I partied the most in New York. It was so fun, and so crazy! When I first moved to New York, I thought it was gonna be like LA—like I was going to see famous people all the time. That’s not how it is. But when Baby Grand opened I was like—there they are! Alix Brown used to DJ there and everybody was around. But it was sort of a bubble moment—that time is long gone. I don’t go out so much now. Just house parties and stuff. Or bars.

These days I’m also really into activities. Last night, for example, I went and had a flying trapeze lesson. It was crazy. After that we had tacos and some wine and went to bed. I still like to go out for dinner—Blue Ribbon Sushi on Orchard I like because no one really knows about it. It’s kind of hidden—in a good way, because it’s attached to the Sixty LES. It’s really nice, they have good booze. Otherwise, I love casual cozy spots for pasta. Supper in the East Village is really amazing. Or Balthazar is nice. I saw Tom Cruise there. [Laughs]

To start the night, I definitely need a shower. I can’t fully memorize my lines if I don’t do it in the shower. Because the water is sort of like surround sound, you can make mistakes and it doesn’t sound as bad as doing it in the living room. There’s no quick shower for me though. I do a lot of oil treatments for my hair, like the Rodin oil. And I actually bought an Aesop shampoo for [my dog] Frank, and then I ran out of my shampoo, so I used his, and it’s so nice. It’s really soft! Frank, I’m sorry! I don’t wash him anymore.

For my new thing is that I just discovered bases, or primers. They’re nice, they help keep your makeup on longer. The one I like is Base Lumière by Chanel. It kind of has a little shimmer, so it doesn’t make you dewy really, but it looks extra nice. And then Delilah Parillo showed me this Illuminating Primer by Tom Ford. It’s a little pearlier than the Chanel, so I put a bit on my cheekbones and finish off with highlighter. I always hated highlighters, but I have so many now. This new one, Chanel Les Beiges in Medium Light—it’s just…I don’t know, fresh. And it smells so good. It’s pretty matte, and the color is a subtle gold, so you can put it on top of anything. I’m very obsessed with Chanel. I think this is from their new beige collection—I love beige. As long as it’s Chanel and it’s beige I’m buying it.

When I go out, my classic look starts with a little bit of concealer or foundation to cover up weird stuff like pimples and lines I get on my face. And then I do my eyebrows. First, I put on a powder, and then Boy Brow in Brown. To make it darker and a little bigger, I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz, or I’ll do this thing where I’ll use a brown mascara, and I’ll sort of create extra little hairs—kind of like microblading—but just for the night. It looks so nice in photos. And then I like a really nice peach or pink cheek. This YSL Heart of Light Powder in Blush No. 09 is my favorite at the moment. It has a bronze-y peach color on the outside, and a lighter pink inside. And then I always do a touch of Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff on the apples of my cheeks. Very nice. For eyes I do a brown liner from Chanel. I’ll put a little bit on the top, and then a smudge-y line at the end, and the I do the inside—kind of like a cat, but I only do like a third of the line on the bottom. It looks really nice in photos. I do lots of mascara—my favorite one is Chanel Inimitable. It’s not fully charcoal black, so when I want something a little crazier I always go back to Great Lash by Maybelline.

Lips are the best part! I discovered lip liner about a year ago because of Lana Del Rey. I’ve been obsessed ever since. My favorite one is by Revlon in Sienna—it’s the same one I used in my GRWM video. Basically, any lip liner that’s kind of brownish and reddish works for me. This Troy Surratt one is pretty nice because it’s waterproof. And my favorite nude lipstick is by Make Up For Ever in Rouge Crème. Sometimes I’ll do a gloss on top. I like this Chanel one, it’s very nude. Chanel actually makes a black lip gloss, but you can put it on top of any color and it just makes it darker. The Make Up For Ever is the nude I always go back to, but it’s also pretty subtle, so it’s more for everyday. If I want to do something a little crazier, I’ll do Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss in Caresse 714. For eyeshadows, I really like the cream ones by Chanel. But they always used to dry out, so I went in the other day like, ‘I’m never buying this again!’ and I guess there is a new one, and it’s so much better. It’s the Ombre Première in Undertone. I’m into reds, and I do a lot of browns. When I’m going out, I just do a matte base with Glossier Wowder and then some matte colors to create depth. Then I like to add sparkles on top.

My perfume is always the same one—I always wear the Diptyque Eau Rose. I used to wear the popular Chloe one, but one day I just couldn’t stand it anymore. And I was like, ‘You know what, I’ve always loved roses, I can’t lie to myself anymore.’ If it’s mixed with something else I don’t like it, but the Diptyque is really just roses. And people cannot stop—men, women, young, old, doesn’t matter, everybody is like, ‘What are you wearing?’

Ohhh my nails! They’re so nice. I got them done at this place called Oh My Nails, but it’s really the girl who did it. She’s amazing. She’s so nice. Her name is Narina [Chan]. I guess it’s this new technique. It took a long time, like two hours to do it. But it looks really nice and it lasts forever. They put like a weird sticker under your nail, and they stick it to the bottom so it makes this long pointy thing. Then, they put a layer of gel and cook it, then go back and do another layer. And you can choose how long you want it—this length is number 2. When it’s all done and cooked, she shapes it while it’s still fresh, so it looks like the shape of a real nail. It’s so nice. And then she adds the color on top, which is also gel. The color was very hard to choose, but this one is Leafgel USA and the color is 123. It’s the nicest gel manicure I’ve ever had.

Late at night, I love Chinese noodles. If I partied really hard, the only thing I’ll talk about is noodles. Nom Wah Tea Parlor is usually open late. Then when I get home at the end of the night I chug like three glasses of water. You know, when you’re not eighteen anymore, it really sucks the next day. So I’ll do that, maybe watch a little TV. Then I crash.”

—as told to ITG

Coco Baudelle photographed by Tom Newton on August 9, 2017.