Delilah Parillo, Model


"I grew up in the mountains in California, in a little forest near Palm Springs. It’s really cute, living there was like heaven. The population is maybe 2,000 people. I have these amazing memories of walking down the creek on the way from school, picking strawberries, drinking fresh water. I do think by the time you’re a teenager though, you have to get out because otherwise you’re going to, like, sit in a car all day forever. So I was working at a candy store in Idyllwild when I got scouted. At the time, I thought being a model was the shallowest job in the world, and I was super embarrassed by the idea of it. But I thought I’d give it a shot. I told myself, if it doesn’t work out, then whatever. So I moved into my grandpa’s place in LA, and I worked really hard. I was pretty lucky too. But I am really happy with where it’s brought me.

It’s been at least three years of modeling now, maybe a little longer. I work with [Henrik] Purienne a lot, who I know really well. We’ve traveled a lot together. With him, I think the photos turn out well because we’re usually just hanging out in comfortable situations, and he always has a camera in the room—we’ll shoot at our houses a lot. It’s always really fun.

I definitely like going to events, but if I’m going out with my friends, especially in LA, I really like going to house parties—not the club. In a dream world, I would have the whole day to get ready, and I’d go get an oxygenating facial, do all this stuff. But I’m too lazy to plan things out that well. [Laughs] I have two facialists I go to—one is in Beverly Hills, the place is called Lemaje. I go there because they use Biologique Recherche, and there aren’t many other places that do. My other facialist's name is Joomee Song—she’s a Japanese women who does lymphatic drainage, so it’s like a massage. Your face is so much smaller after. It’s amazing.

My skin is an olive tone, but I do get really pale—my twin brother is more olive than I am, so I use the Clarins Golden Glow Booster on both my face and body. It’s not really fake tanner, you literally add maybe four drops to your moisturizer. It’s like nothing, and it always looks good. I just try not to put too much stuff on before my makeup, because I don’t want it all to pill off. Just lip balm and a moisturizer, then sunscreen. I love Glossier Invisible Shield, I’ve been using that one lately because it’s so light. And the moisturizer I’ve been using is the Black Rose Cream from Sisley, and I use the Black Rose Precious Face Oil from the same collection. It’s so good! So I start with moisturizer, and let that sit for a bit. Then, if I’m doing an eye look, I’ll do the eyes first, in case there’s fallout. I like the By Terry palette, it’s amazing—such good colors. And then MAC did a Helmut Newton collaboration that’s pretty good. It’s all greys, which are hard to find, and it’s all really beautiful. I like stuff that’s fancy, I really like glam makeup, it's fun. For my eye looks, I don’t always wear a mascara, that can be really nice. But I don’t have a lot of space between my eye and brow, so I generally like a longer eye—I think the longer shapes help me out a little bit. Almost like a cat-eye, but smoked out, so it’s wilder. I love a nude-ish brown, like a ‘60s look, or red lips. The By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick is the best one.

So then I put the RMS "Un" Cover up Conealer under my eyes and around my nose. It sinks in really well, almost disappears. If I’m going to an event, I use the Tom Ford Concealing Pen because it’s more coverage. But I won’t use foundation, because I feel like it somehow makes the dimensions [of my face] feel flat. Instead, I do wear the Tom Ford Bronzing Powder. With tonight’s look there’s too much other stuff going on, so I’m doing a blush instead—Tom Ford Cheek Color in Wicked. I really like blushes. Depending on what I’m going for, I wear my blush in different places. With this one, I’m doing it high on my face, because it’s kind of an ‘80s look. Then to highlight, I like the Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter. It looks like you’re glowing. And at nighttime, I like to wear Byredo Gypsy Water. It smells so good—it’s pretty much my Lolita.

My hair changes all the time. When I was 15, I dyed it pastel pink myself. Then the trend became super popular, so I decided to go lighter—Game Of Thrones had just come out, I was obsessed with white hair. I don’t wash it every day, hell no. My routine is to shampoo maybe once a week, and I use the Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse, that’s my favorite shampoo and conditioner. Then the Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Restoration Serum—it’s half cream, half oil. That stuff is so amazing. If I’m going to an event, I like to make tiny curls, like crown curls. For that, I use the T3 Whirl Interchangeable Styling Wand with the smallest head. Then I take some Leonor Greyl Au Lotus Volumizing Mousse, curl my hair, wait for it to cool down completely, and set with the Ouai Texturizing Hairspray. Then with my Mason Pearson, I brush it out completely. It’s like disco hair.

To get ready, my friends will come over to my house, and, you know, we do our makeup, talk about where we’re gonna go. Every single day, my closet is organized, and then my friends are over, we’re throwing everything on the ground—it’s a disaster! [Laughs] Then it’s fun to go out and dance. But I’m not someone that stays out ‘til 3 or 4 in the morning. All the bars in LA close at 2AM, so you better be gone by then. When I get home, at the end of the night I have a little nightcap—I like a dirty martini. Then I literally eat everything in my fridge. [Laughs] Or I’ll order pizza. I do love cooking, but hopefully I’m not like drunk in the kitchen, cooking. Better to just drink some water."

—as told to ITG