Open Thread

Loyalty In The Form Of A Frequent Buyer Card

It's amazing how the promise of free can get you to spend so muchRead more >

Five Cool Things

Seeing Double Earrings

Jewelry that's a party in the front and the backRead more >

The Review

Never Run Out Of Beauty Products Ever Again

The Stash app has every product you could ever want—and knows when they're on saleRead more >

Five Cool Things

Long Coats For A Long Winter

Quell the impending brrrr with some brand new outerwearRead more >


Imaan Hammam Makes A Case For The Midi Skirt

Otherwise known as giving new life to ladylike lengthsRead more >

Five Cool Things

'90s Jewelry Gets An Update

What goes around looks better the second time aroundRead more >


& Other Stories Arrives

H&M's sister brand just opened in New York, and its beauty line is really goodRead more >


A Look Inside Glossier's 2014 Pop-Up

The Glossier Pop-Up is now closed, but here's a look inside our first storefront back in 2014Read more >


Poppy Delevingne Makes A Case For Muppet Coats

Consider outerwear that will make the rest of your clothing look boring in comparisonRead more >


Sample Sales: A Beginner's Guide

Because you deserve a deal on that Alexander Wang dressRead more >

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The Sleek Turtlenecks

Great for those that are always misplacing their scarvesRead more >

The Extras

The Makeshift Poncho

Because who hasn't considered wearing their favorite throw blanket out in public before?Read more >

Five Cool Things

Beatle Boots: The Baddest Basics

Aka the most hardworking footwear in your fall wardrobeRead more >

The Face

Jodie Patterson, Co-Founder, Doobop

"When it comes to women of color, I think the biggest issue is lack of options. For many years we’ve been taught that you should shop in the ethnic aisle where there’s probably like seven brands that have existed since the ‘70s."Read more >

The Extras

A Guide To Navigating A Sex Shop

Because you're probably not thinking about things like body-safe materials or budget if you're just starting to publicly embrace your sexualityRead more >

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The Short List

The best short shorts for the long, long season aheadRead more >

The Extras

Navigating The Bazaar Beauty Stalls In Doha, Qatar

While many residents opt for Chanel and MAC, the Souq Waqif market is home to old-school Middle Eastern beauty staples like kajals, henna, magic lipstick, and burning oudsRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Slip Dress

Let’s slip into something a little more comfortableRead more >

Five Cool Things

Bras To Put On Display

I see London, I see France, I see your amazing bra through that sheer topRead more >

The Extras

Which Vanity Mirror Is Right For You?

A guide to choosing the right makeup mirror for your unique lifestyle—and eye makeup preferenceRead more >

Five Cool Things

White Out: The All-White Summer Dress

Grab the Clorox, there's only five short days until we're finally 'allowed' to wear white againRead more >

The Technique

Sunday Food Prep For The Healthiest Week Ahead

Eight steps to healthy eating success—because nobody wants to come home to boil quinoa after a long dayRead more >

Five Cool Things

Five Cool Sunglasses

To replace the last five pairs you lost or sat onRead more >


Mom Gifts Made Easy

We took care of the thoughtfulness for youRead more >


Postcard: The New Beauty Supply Shop From 1803

Today we visit Buly, the Parisian shop that proves everything old is new againRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Best Sports Bras

For style or for function, the best bras to protect your lady lumps while exercisingRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Chunky Heels

For when the weather’s warmer, the streets are dirty, and your tush is in need of a liftRead more >