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Herbal Essences Brings The Nostalgia

Returning to the Smooth and Shine collections, which, thankfully, haven't been rebranded and repackaged quite yetRead more >

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The Clarisonic Alternative

For all the wonders of high-tech gadgetry, sometimes the analog solution is kingRead more >

The Review

Maybelline Master Kajal

Easy-to-use, versatile, and most importantly, affordableRead more >

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The Drugstore Checklist: Makeup

The final stop on the path to Duane Reade nirvanaRead more >

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The Look: Mariana In L'Oréal

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The Drugstore Checklist: Hair

The best hair products from the shelves of Walgreens, straight to the Top ShelvesRead more >

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The Drugstore Checklist: Skin & Body Products

Pulled straight from the Top Shelves, everything you ought to have (and ought not to spend a lot of money on)Read more >


The Culture Of Clean: A History Of Artisan Soap Makers

The first post in our new series exploring the cultural impact of bar soap time travels back to when soap was a Silk Road import, not a freebie from Hampton InnRead more >

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Glow For The Broke: The Best Drugstore Highlighters

The finest illuminating products you can pick up along with some Twizzlers and a fresh roll of paper towels at your nearest CVSRead more >

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The Best Eye Drops Are From Rohto

So eye-opening you can skip under-eye concealerRead more >

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The Best Drugstore Sunscreen

It's non-greasy, undetectable on the skin, and doesn't melt off—it's basically a liquid umbrellaRead more >