The Review

Eau De Moi

Smelling like sweat never looked so fancyRead more >

The Review

What Exactly Does New York Smell Like?

Putting Bond No. 9's neighborhood-themed scents to the test in a game we'd like to call "Scratch and Sniff: Chinatown"Read more >

The Experience

I Only Wore It Once: Why You Should Consider A Special Wedding Scent

Everything else will be special, so why shouldn't your perfume be too? Christine Luby, co-founder of Pinrose, explains the ideal processRead more >

The Extras

Stop And Smell The Top Notes

A brief explainer on what that first whiff of perfume smells like—and why it disappears so quicklyRead more >

The Extras

More Than A Breath Freshener

Mint skincare (and a really great candle) that is refreshingly herby, but not too strongRead more >

The Review

Smoking Section: A Guide To Tobacco Perfumes

Smell like a modern day Marlboro Man, even if you've kicked (or never picked up) the habitRead more >

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Cire Trudon Scented Matches

When your matches smell as good as your candles (nay, better), why bother even lighting them?Read more >

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Byredo Hair Perfume Is The Best Thing Since Real Perfume

Smells like the real thing, but is an understandable excuse if you're looking to add to your collection of things that smell niceRead more >

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Jo Malone Rock The Ages Collection

Five limited edition colognes meant to evoke various eras of British history, in case you needed something to tide you over until the next season of Downton Abbey premiersRead more >

The Review

What Does Rain Smell Like?

How to get the fresh, metallic scent of petrichor—the actual, scientific name for the smell of rain, as discovered by researchers at MIT—rain or shine, thanks to three pre-bottled fragrancesRead more >

The Extras

How to Staycation Properly

Hint: It involves a lot of things that smell like coconut and a generously sized mojitoRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Caroline Issa, Editor & Designer

On the bars with the best lighting, her new clothing line, and calling it a night after dessertRead more >

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Like Nothing You've Ever Smelled Before

Nasomatto refuses to publish ingredient lists and describe some of their scents as "unwise"—welcome to niche perfumery at its finestRead more >


Get Lost In These Vintage Cologne Commercials

Down the legacy rabbithole of televised fragrance marketing for menRead more >

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Teen Beauty Brands: Where Are They Now?

It's like speculating about people in your high school year book, but this time with concrete evidenceRead more >

The Review

Rose Perfume That Feels Modern

Weird, woody, and intensely sexy—these are not your grandmother's rose fragrancesRead more >

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The Storied Scents Of D.S. & Durga

An afternoon with the husband-and-wife team behind the perfume line with fragrances called things like Burning Barbershop and Cowboy GrassRead more >

The Review

So You're Looking For A New Winter Fragrance...

The first step is actually admitting to yourself that it's winterRead more >

Word of Mouth

An Ode To Byredo

Everyone loves an underdog—that then becomes everyone's favorite boutique fragrance lineRead more >

The Extras

Cure Everything With Essential Oil

A layman's guide to lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage, etc.Read more >

The Review

The Freudian Scent

Bella Freud's perfume line is here and it smells like reading poetry in a coffee shopRead more >

The Extras

Scents and Sensibility

What does your perfume say about you (or about who you want to be)?Read more >