The Review

Brow Gel: The Not-So-Secret Secret To Better Brows

Powder takes patience, liners look fake, but gel—gel can work wondersRead more >

Color Coding

Eyeshadows: The Best Browns

Swatched and blended for your viewing pleasureRead more >


Considering Lasik Surgery?

Writer Caroline Solomon gives a rundown of the 10-minute procedure—corneal flaps and all  Read more >

The Makeup

In The Eyelid Of The Beholder

One woman's journey toward monolid acceptance, through pots and pots of MAC eyelinerRead more >


The Easiest Eyeliner Ever

First Benetint, then the They're Real Mascara, and now for your next makeup bag staple: Benefit's new gel/liquid liner penRead more >

Open Thread

What's The Best Organic Mascara?

Because if you were going to use natural makeup anywhere, wouldn't it be on your eyes?Read more >


Lisa Eldridge’s “Colorful Glitter Party Eyes Tutorial”

Because it's okay to ask for help—especially when it comes to a sparkly purple smoky eyeRead more >

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The Best Eye Drops Are From Rohto

So eye-opening you can skip under-eye concealerRead more >

The Technique

I Had My Eyeliner Tattooed

This eye makeup is literally never coming offRead more >

The Review

My Natural Makeup Routine

The best organic beauty stuff for all your eco-conscious needsRead more >

The Review

Adventures In DIY Eyelash Tinting

"Godefroy promises 28 days worth of permanency at only $9, so I thought, 'Sure, I’ll rub this stuff on my eyes.'"Read more >

As Told To ITG

The Eyelash Extension House Call

The unofficial ITG eyelash expert, Jeanine Lobell, reports from her couchRead more >

The Extras

The Dos And Don'ts Of Eye Cream

Dermatologist advice on whether you should dab, pat, or just gouge your eyes out and be done with itRead more >

The Technique

Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles With Green And Orange Concealer

There's a corrective concealer for everyone's own special type of under-eye discoloration (and blemish-related redness)Read more >

The Technique

A Cheater's Guide To Applying Eyeliner

Bad at putting on eyeliner? Well now you're a friggin' geniusRead more >

The Technique

5 Rules For Basic, Natural-Looking Contouring

How to contour, even if you don't have the time or patience for contouring makeupRead more >

The Face

Jacquelyn Jablonski's Smoky Eye Shower Trick

The secret to a good smudge? Just jump in a steamy showerRead more >

The Technique

Kardashian Contouring By The Numbers

Elizabeth goes from zero to Kardashian in…23 minutes & 34 secondsRead more >

Nicky Deam
Makeup Ideas

Beauty Chemistry: The Three-Layer Mascara

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury's perfect eyelash cocktailRead more >


Video: Wayne Goss' Tutorial For Smoky, Hooded Eyes

The YouTube beauty authority breaks down how to get the look for those not working with lots of lid spaceRead more >


Video: The Definitive Strong Brow Tutorial

A nontraditional approach to achieving the Cara Delevingne browRead more >

The Backstage

Real Latex Lids at Dior

How to get a true mirror-like finish on the eyesRead more >