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Feminine Fragrances Smell Amazing Too

Fresh Pink Jasmine Eau De Parfum is a welcome departure in the era of the oudRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Slip Dress

Let’s slip into something a little more comfortableRead more >

Open Thread

What’s Your “Local” Beauty Look?

Dark lipstick? Super straight hair? Acrylic nails? What's the vibe in your home town?Read more >

Five Cool Things

Bras To Put On Display

I see London, I see France, I see your amazing bra through that sheer topRead more >

The Technique

Technicolor Highlights Are The New Dip-Dye

Unnatural hair colors aren't going anywhere—they're simply evolvingRead more >


Lisa Eldridge’s “Colorful Glitter Party Eyes Tutorial”

Because it's okay to ask for help—especially when it comes to a sparkly purple smoky eyeRead more >

Five Cool Things

White Out: The All-White Summer Dress

Grab the Clorox, there's only five short days until we're finally 'allowed' to wear white againRead more >


Ichiban, The Lipstick for Men

We’ve been Friendless for 10 years...Read more >

Five Cool Things

Five Cool Sunglasses

To replace the last five pairs you lost or sat onRead more >

The Extras

31 Black Nail Polish Alternatives

ITG readers' picks for what to wear when you're over onyxRead more >

The Review

The Best Drugstore Sunscreen

It's non-greasy, undetectable on the skin, and doesn't melt off—it's basically a liquid umbrellaRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Best Sports Bras

For style or for function, the best bras to protect your lady lumps while exercisingRead more >

The Review

Make Cannabis Part Of Your Routine

High praise for the best hemp-based beauty products we could (legally) get our hands onRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Chunky Heels

For when the weather’s warmer, the streets are dirty, and your tush is in need of a liftRead more >


Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Tattoos

Why Americans used to ink their children, and whether or not you'll regret getting oneRead more >