What's The Best Organic Mascara?


As someone who stopped getting eyelash extensions just so she could test more organic mascara and mascara-related accessories, it might be fair to say I have some expertise in the field...perhaps too much expertise. But despite my best, most obsessive efforts, I have yet to, like Pogs of yore, “collect them all.”

There's a veritable cornucopia of natural eye makeup worth trying, so unless you spend like $600 on mascara (my money is long, sure, but I'm no Bieber), you're probably going to miss out on at least a few good ones. Which is sad, right? If there's a compostable, organic, gluten-free, never-tested-on-a-wallaby mascara out there, I would very much like to hear about it! And also to pet the not-tested-on wallaby if at all possible.

Hence today's open thread! You guys have given me stellar mascara suggestions—the 100% Pure mascara I've been using and the Kjaer Weis I love were both ITG reader recommendations—so I wanted to open it up to everyone!

I just listed my go-tos, but I know there are legions of people who swear by Ilia, Neal's Yard, Nvey Eco, and W3ll, too. So...let's talk! Is there an Ultimate Organic Mascara? Or maybe just a few more really good ones? And what makes a mascara worth it, anyway?

—Lacey Gattis

Photographed by Tom Newton.