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The Extras

Marilyn Monroe's Top Shelf

Back in 1952, Marilyn wrote her own Top Shelf: Her daily routine, how she exercised, her diet, & why she didn't tanRead more >


Wipes: The Secret To All Vacation Packing

Substitute wipes for your entire skincare regimen and win at lifeRead more >


Want The Awesome Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Line? Then Tell Us Why!

Here's the deal: Bumble is very kindly giving 5 ITG readers their own $500 gift certificate for treats and treatments at any Bb.Read more >

Open Thread

What's The Best Organic Mascara?

Because if you were going to use natural makeup anywhere, wouldn't it be on your eyes?Read more >


Love (Literally) Stinks

Because your nose is helping you find a mateRead more >

Word of Mouth

Got Acne? Put Oil On It

Treating blemishes with the stuff people usually think causes themRead more >

The Technique

I Had My Eyeliner Tattooed

This eye makeup is literally never coming offRead more >

The Review

My Natural Makeup Routine

The best organic beauty stuff for all your eco-conscious needsRead more >

The Review

I Drink Luminizer For Breakfast

Lacey only uses highlighting makeup that illuminates because she's mostly still asleepRead more >

The Extras

Stop The Eyebrow Madness, Please

Eyebrows are having a moment, and Lacey hates itRead more >

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Drinking Oil For A Happier You

Are you omega-3 deficient? Are you sure?Read more >

ITG ♥s

Things We Finish: Caudalie Premiere Cru The Cream

The lightweight cream that replaces layer upon layer of heavy moisturizersRead more >

The Technique

The Guide To Getting Good Botox

How to minimize side effects, make your Botox last longer, and get the best treatment possibleRead more >

Open Thread

Is Self-Tanner Still A Thing?

I'm as divided as a tan line right now, you guysRead more >

The Technique

The All-Organic Skincare Routine

Natural solutions for acne, face washing, and other fun stuffRead more >

The Review

The Most Fun-To-Use Exfoliators

Peels, scrubs, and masks that look a little odd but work really wellRead more >

The Extras

The Dos And Don'ts Of Eye Cream

Dermatologist advice on whether you should dab, pat, or just gouge your eyes out and be done with itRead more >

The Extras

Cardio For People Who Hate Running

Seriously, you don't ever have to run if you don't want toRead more >

The Technique

Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles With Green And Orange Concealer

There's a corrective concealer for everyone's own special type of under-eye discoloration (and blemish-related redness)Read more >

The Technique

A Cheater's Guide To Applying Eyeliner

Bad at putting on eyeliner? Well now you're a friggin' geniusRead more >