Annie Kreighbaum

Executive Editor

Official unofficial Glossier ambassador. Recovered tanning bed addict, recovering bottle blonde, and currently addicted to at-home chemical peels. Swears she’ll never get bangs again, but will probably get bangs again. Always refills the Brita pitcher.

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Oh Cool, It's Brow Month!

A whole month of brows?! We're not plucking kiddingRead more >

Glossier HQ

New Glossier Alert!

The Balm Dotcom like you’ve never smelled it beforeRead more >

Hair Ideas

If It's Good Enough For Didier...

Split ends, tangles, and a The Rolls-Royce of curling ironsRead more >

The Extras

How To Buy (Good) Vintage Clothing On The Internet

14 tips for properly navigating the pages of Ebay, Etsy, and now InstagramRead more >

The One Thing

5 Acid Body Peel: A Review

"Scars and unevenness have faded, I haven’t broken out, and my entire body skin now constantly feels like freshly shaved legs under clean sheets. I look better naked."Read more >

The One Thing

Kiko Milano's Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

Italy's answer to MAC is making its way into the US—and it's good, really goodRead more >


Sexual Healing, Powered By Crystals

Chakrubs is a line of sex toys made from crystals that promise to balance your chakras, conduct positive energy into your sexual practice, and look good on your nightstandRead more >

The One Thing

A 7-Day Manicure, Thanks To Rejuvacote

The old-school "nail growth system" is the unsung hero of long-lasting DIY manicuresRead more >


Conditioner, For Smoothing Thick Eyebrows

When your brow hairs need more grooming than the stuff growing out of your scalp, a deep conditioning will helpRead more >

The Extras

My Makeup Artist Instagram Addiction Is Real

You go in to watch one close-up tutorial video, and all of a sudden you've lost hours while staring at your phone learning some really intricate contouring tricksRead more >

The One Thing

The Best Tweezers Are $5

And available at your local quilting supply chain storeRead more >

The Extras

Cool, Comfy Workout Clothes

The latest Adidas collaborator is a young new brand called LPD, and their use of spandex is minimalRead more >

The One Thing

Givenchy Le Vernis in Parure Scintillante

The one glitter nail polish that is worth the rush to Sephora to score the last few before they're goneRead more >

The Extras

On Whitening Your Teeth With Hydrogen Peroxide

It works—and it's roughly 5 percent of the cost of that box of Crest Whitestrips you've been eyeingRead more >

The One Thing

La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel

The most worthwhile product Annie Kreighbaum picked up at the drugstore this weekRead more >

The Makeup

The 2014 Holiday Party Look, Part II

"As I tried to think of ways to style my bangs nicely for an event, I came to the conclusion that I should just wear a see-through top and that way nobody will really care what’s going on with my hair." —Annie Kreighbaum, Dec. 2014Read more >

Color Coding

Smoky Eye Quads, Decoded

"There are more than four billion smoky eye tutorials on the Internet, none of which are right."Read more >

ITG ♥s

Winter 2014 Brings Elevated Body Glitter Technology

Shine bright like a diamond, or a teenager who's particularly into The Body ShopRead more >

Hair Ideas

No Dry Shampoo? No Problem

You probably have this something else that will work just as wellRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Imaginary Orange Trick

Some posture guidance for the women of 2014Read more >

The Look

The Look: Ysaunny In MAC

MAC's collaboration with The Simpsons absolutely makes senseRead more >

Open Thread

What didn't you get wrong in high school?

In celebration of the journey that is youth, and recognizing that being young doesn't always translate to being dumb, I ask: what did you get right?Read more >

The Technique

Introducing The "Caribe"

Banana + iced coffee: breakfast will never be the same (well, sort of the same—just blended together)Read more >

The Technique

Too Dumb To Be Blonde

A hair color PSA for anyone who's considering making a big changeRead more >

Word of Mouth

The Problem With Birkenstocks

Is that they're making your feet too lazy for the next time you want to wear heelsRead more >

The Review

Baby Lips Will Make You Feel 13 Again

There's lip balm, and then there's glitter, candy-scented lip balmRead more >

Open Thread

How Do You Balance?

Because the most satisfying thing about going on a cleanse is cheating on the cleanseRead more >

The Review

Glow For The Broke: The Best Drugstore Highlighters

The finest illuminating products you can pick up along with some Twizzlers and a fresh roll of paper towels at your nearest CVSRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Top Crops

Five cool crop tops because regular-length tops take up too much spaceRead more >

The Review

The Meditation App For People Who Don't Meditate

Insight Timer is like the Candy Crush of meditation—except instead of becoming addicted to shoving around colorful pixel treats, you'll develop your sense of self and peace of mindRead more >

Word of Mouth

Yes, Your Shampoo Can "Stop Working"

Answering that age-old assumption that you should occasionally switch to another hair cleanserRead more >

The Review

Why Are You Not Using These Drugstore Nail Wraps?!

Why Sally Hansen nail polish strips might wean you off the bottleRead more >