Emma Hoareau, Beauty Editor, Notion Magazine

ITG's first reader Top Shelf, because ITG readers are why Top Shelves exist in the first placeRead more >


Blondie's "Heart Of Glass"

Blondie just turned 40. No, really.Read more >


Remember Good Handwriting?

Longing for the days of amazing penmanship past...Read more >

Throwback Thursday

90s J.Crew Catalogs Are A Normcore Dream

Dr. McDreamy and Dawson Leery prove that being basic isn't so bad after allRead more >


Ichiban, The Lipstick for Men

We’ve been Friendless for 10 years...Read more >

Book Club

A Guide To Dressing Rich

This week's Book Club installment explores the relevancy of one woman's 1982 primer on how to exude wealth through pleated trousers, along with her controversial take on jelliesRead more >

Book Club

The Beautiful People's Diet

Fresh from 1973, and according to a glamorous real-life Italian princessRead more >

The Extras

Follow Friday: @EzraPetronio

An Instagram gold mine of outtakes from Self Service MagazineRead more >


Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About Tattoos

Why Americans used to ink their children, and whether or not you'll regret getting oneRead more >


Follow Friday: @natewalton3

Your Instagram feed is about to get a whole lot sexierRead more >

Book Club

How To Dress For Success

"Most American women dress for failure. Do you?" —some guy from 37 years agoRead more >

As Told To ITG

The 'First Kiss' Video: Where Are They Now?

What it's like to star in a viral video (70 million views and counting)Read more >

The Extras

How To Dress Like An '80s Spy

On emulating Keri Russell's look from 'The Americans'Read more >

The Technique

John Travolta's Seductive Stretching Routine

Selections from his 1984 workout book—let's not forget that he was once the ultimate sex symbolRead more >


The Real Story Of Dr. Bronner and His Magic Soap

A new interview with his grandson reveals details from Dr. Bronner's remarkable past—including that one time he escaped from a mental institutionRead more >

The Top Shelf

Ana Kras, Artist

Finding the best coconut oil, deodorant as perfume, and how to make the most delicious chia-oat "breakfast jar"Read more >

The Face

Paris Hilton

"I love eyelashes and being girly and feminine and sexy."Read more >


Video: The Definitive Strong Brow Tutorial

A nontraditional approach to achieving the Cara Delevingne browRead more >

The Top Shelf

Misty Copeland, Ballerina

"I had to accept that it was OK to look like a woman and be a ballerina. I have breasts and a butt, which is not the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s aesthetic of the feminine, soft ballerina."Read more >

Five Cool Things

A Moment For Black Denim

Featuring the greatest pair of black denim jeans ever createdRead more >

The Professional

Dr. Woo's Tattoo Basics

Instagram's favorite tattoo artist on care, placement, tattoo politics, and what body part hurts the mostRead more >

Nicky Deam
Hair Ideas

10 Career-Making Hair Transformations

The major hair changes that will help you make it big—tried and tested by 52 real-life famous people Read more >

Nicky Deam
Just In

Pinrose Web Launch

It's been almost 30 years since the invention of the Internet, but we now finally have a smart way to buy fragrances onlineRead more >

Five Cool Things

Florals You Want To Wear, Now

Who cares if spring is weeks away—let's start breaking out the flower printsRead more >

Hair Ideas

Fashion People Are Already Requesting The Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 Hair Colors

You heard it here first: Dusty, pearly shades are the new cotton-candy pastelsRead more >