Open Thread

What's In A Compliment?

There's the superficial ones—and then there's life-altering, perspective-changing kind you never forgetRead more >

The Technique

The 2014 Holiday Party Look, Part I

Featuring an $88 dress and bottom lash-only mascara applicationRead more >

Top Shelf After Dark

Leslie Kirchhoff, DJ & Photographer

"If I’ve had a fairly late night working, sometimes I put on dark sunglasses before I fall asleep so that the light doesn’t wake me up in the morning."Read more >

Open Thread

Loyalty In The Form Of A Frequent Buyer Card

It's amazing how the promise of free can get you to spend so muchRead more >


Revisiting Gilmore Girls

A longtime fan, now all grown up, dissects what it meant to be a woman in Stars HollowRead more >

In Print

Lara Stone Is Perfect And Unretouched In System Magazine

Stunning, albeit pretty NSFW, photographs from Mr. Juergen TellerRead more >


Beauty Marks: A History Lesson

From portending bad omens to sending secret messages, the mole has always been one of the face's hotly contested featuresRead more >


Agyness Deyn Makes A Case For Growing Up

Those involved include red lipstick, kitten heels, and a deep side partRead more >

The Technique

Halloween How-To: The Vampire Victim

Courtesy of the makeup artist who made over Erin Wasson in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterRead more >


Emma Stone Makes A Case For Sequins

Without the slightest hint of "ice skater costume"Read more >


Elle Fanning Makes A Case For Skin-Toned Clothing

Some tips for mastering the naked-but-not-actually-naked trendRead more >


On Model Worship

One writer's journey from fixation to self-acceptanceRead more >

The Face

Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, Musicians, The Garden

The twin Saint Laurent muses on everything from trench mouth to wearing women's clothesRead more >

Book Club

All Hail Guido!

And his new book, perfectly suited for your coffee tableRead more >

The Extras

An Introduction To The Chinese Pharmacy

Where you can get everything from Tiger Balm to Donkey GelatinRead more >


Les Féministes De Chanel

"Boys should get pregnant too"—Chanel Spring '15Read more >


Paris Like A Local

Because there's no better way to get to know a city than by eating your way through itRead more >


The American Korean Bathhouse: A Review

Tales from an authentic Korean jimjilbang, and it's American counterpart, Spa Castle, that runs Living Social dealsRead more >