Trace Barnhill

Came out of Nowhere, a small mining village off the humid southern coast. While not writing beauty stories for ITG, she pens the occasional screed in her diary. Appreciates complimentary Prosecco at nail salons and free shows on the subway. New to the city; late to the game.

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Clarisonic Meets Body

Because we all should be treating our bodies as well as we treat our facesRead more >

Open Thread

Have You Made Friends Online?

Nothing feels better than tweeting at Hugh Hefner and watching him favorite itRead more >

The Review

The Easy Way To Floss More

Floss picks will make your hygienist fall in love with youRead more >

The Review

Toner For Your Body

Because your thermal-encased being deserves itRead more >

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Laight & Mercer's Wet Brush

The first—and only—step in achieving perfect bedhead is learning how and when to brush your hairRead more >

The Review

A Hair Trimmer For All Seasons

The depilating solution when razors and wax strips are no longer on the tableRead more >

The Review

Put It In Neutral

Nude lipstick can walk a fine line between too rosey and too beigeRead more >

The Extras

Rae Morris' Magnetism

The key to falling back in love with your makeup is a new (magnetic) set of brushesRead more >

Color Coding

Gel Eyeliner's Endless Possibilities

Never fear the pot and paintbrush—here's a beginner's guide to embracing the limitless potentialRead more >

The Review

Plump Up The Volume

Kevin Murphy's Plumping line is here to save you from your limp hairRead more >

Word of Mouth

Ice, Ice Baby

The very cold facial technique you can do at home to get you one step closer to looking like Jasmine TookesRead more >

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The Lightest Heavy Duty Lotion

Vanicream feels like water, eradicates dry skin, and can convert even the most ardent of natural remedy worshippersRead more >

Open Thread

What's In A Compliment?

There's the superficial ones—and then there's life-altering, perspective-changing kind you never forgetRead more >

The Review

Herbal Essences Brings The Nostalgia

Returning to the Smooth and Shine collections, which, thankfully, haven't been rebranded and repackaged quite yetRead more >

The Review

The Clarisonic Alternative

For all the wonders of high-tech gadgetry, sometimes the analog solution is kingRead more >

The Review

Eliminating Cuticles In 2 Minutes Or Less

Harnessing the power of a good manicurist at homeRead more >

The Technique

The Kombucha Mask

What I learned after scooping a bunch of coagulated bacteria out of a jar and wearing it on my faceRead more >

The Review

Buxom's Wheel Of Wands

Mascara as a choose-your-own-adventure storyRead more >

The Review

Nars Blush In Deep Throat

Debunking the universal shade theory, one sort of embarrassing beauty counter interaction at a timeRead more >

The Review

A Pheromone Spray Test Drive

Taking product suggestions from The Atlantic's backpage ads  Read more >