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The Technique

How To Get Nail Polish Off Carpet, Clothes, And The Rest Of Your Stuff

Removing polish from carpet, clothes, furniture, hardwood floors, and even your phone (you know that's happened)Read more >

The Technique

5 Rules For Basic, Natural-Looking Contouring

How to contour, even if you don't have the time or patience for contouring makeupRead more >

Five Cool Things

The Best Pillowcases For What Ails You

The best pillowcases for every face (and head of hair)Read more >

The Technique

Don't Buy A Contour Kit

The products in a contouring palette? Already in your makeup bagRead more >

The Technique

Tips For Looking Not-Tired

Who needs sleep when there are makeup tips for exhausted people?Read more >

Hair Ideas

Keratin: The Last Hair Straightening Frontier

Answers to key keratin straightening treatment questions, from "How long will this last?" to "Is there formaldehyde in here?"Read more >

The Review

Get Glowing Skin From A Bottle

Because you can only consume so much kaleRead more >


Flowers + Fragrances: Aerin's Spring Trio

Stunning floral arrangements inspired by Aerin's three new fragrancesRead more >

Book Club

Naomi Campbell Is Psychic (Also, A Novelist)

No seriously, her book predicted ANTM and the 1999 YSL spring ad campaign... in 1994Read more >

The Extras

An Edible Arrangement

Like, if you were to send one to the Vogue officesRead more >

The Extras

The Perfect Winter-To-Spring Color Palette

How to handle the seasonal shift without looking like a Jordan AlmondRead more >


Turn Your Face Into A Work of Art

These lipstick pencils are giving us flashbacks to our college Parisian Modernism seminarRead more >

The Extras

We're Going On A Novelty Sex Food Cleanse

Elizabeth and Lacey are trying to survive on nothing but edible panties, body chocolate, and BJ mints...hilarity (hopefully) will ensueRead more >

The Extras

What's The Best Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil?

Pulling long Fashion Week days (and nights) has reminded us just how valuable long-wearing, waterproof eyeliner can be. Something that will. not. budge.Read more >

Hair Ideas

Hair Color Forum: Let's Talk About Going Blond

Questions about lightening up? You've found the right postRead more >

The Extras

What's The Best Eye Cream You've Tried?

Eye cream: it's a mystery wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside a tiny jar that somehow costs $80.Read more >

The Extras

Flowers + Fragrances: Amaryllis

This link isn't gonna click itself, peopleRead more >