These Body Oils Are My Escape Hatch To Luxury


I’m a longstanding patron of body oils—a Medici of oils if you will. On top of my dresser they are my works of art, my little objets. The bottles: streamlined and made of glass for a satisfying clink with each use. The formulas: rich, nourishing, and fragrant. For me, a body oil isn’t just a body oil—it’s an escape hatch to a world of luxury, even when I’m actually heading out on a 30-minute subway commute at the crack of dawn. So for today, and today only, I’ll let you into my private body oil collection. But no touching! Only ooh-ing, ahh-ing, and clicking the links to pick one up for yourself.

The one to treat yourself with: Jordan Samuels Olio Per Il Corpo Body Oil

Good hygiene is great, but when your apartment is freezing cold, there’s no greater motivator to commit to a daily shower than a post-shower reward. Well, at least in my case, which is why I started using Jordan Samuels’ Body Oil—golden and viscous, it lured me in. After I apply it to damp skin, my body feels softened and plush to the touch (that’s likely the grape seed and olive oils doing their thing). Its citrus scent is truly energizing, exactly what the doctor ordered. A few months ago I wrote that the finish will make you feel like a baby seal. I still stand by it.

The one to use as a fragrance: Klur Botanical Oil

This Boston round bottle is pretty teeny, but it is a body oil! It’s compact enough to throw in your bag, and to whip out whenever your nooks and crannies need a quick touch up (I can’t be the only one with a perpetually dry area between my index finger and thumb). It smells like what you want your body to always smell like: fresh because of the neroli, intoxicating because of the Bulgarian rose, but ultimately earthy—not too feminine or masculine. Apply it to your pulse points and give it a spin. Or better yet: Give it to a loved one, and then give them a hug. You’ll like what you smell.

The one that’s all-purpose: Bathing Culture Outer Being Face & Body Oil

This formula is packed with a who’s who of oils: jojoba seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, squalane and marula. But because its consistency leans more syrupy than drippy, I’d imagine it’d be perfect to use post-beach, when you’re done jumping waves and after you've washed off all that salt and sunscreen at home. Definitively herbal in scent, decidedly groovy in packaging.

The one that’s on the wishlist: Buly 1803 Body Oil in Mexican Tuberose

In my collection of body oils (and in my heart), there remains a Buly 1803-sized hole waiting to be filled. Its site describes it as “a blend dominated by the queen of white flowers (tuberose), spiced with clove and vanilla.” I’m imagining something that smells and feels like nectar from the gods. One day I’m going to make it mine, and when I do, my raven’s nest of body oils will be complete! Buly, hit me up!

–Utibe Mbagwu

Photo via ITG