8 Natural Hair YouTubers You're Going To Want To Follow


My first relaxer was when I was 11 years old, and my last was in 2015. I had no clue what I was doing at the beginning of my natural hair journey. A family friend who is also a hairstylist helped me out—but, she lived three time zones away. And, I might add, getting a little annoyed at my steady stream of texts (Two-strand twists or braids? Oil or cream? Silk scarf or silk pillowcase? Hello? Bueller?) So I turned to YouTube, my endless source of information that never tired of endless questions.

Some learnings from my four year deep-dive: You can leave in conditioner all day and go to work, you can take a break from the wash n' gos and still have clean hair, and hair steaming is a game-changer. Highlights for me for sure, but what about you? Let me point you in the direction of where to start. Whether you’re just beginning to transition to natural hair, need advice for styles, or want to know if that $100 natural hair product is really worth it, here are eight natural hair vloggers to like and subscribe to right now, and my personal favorite video from each of their channels.

My Natural Sisters

Begin your natural hair journey with this expert trio of sisters. India Davis, Carmen Graham, and Toni Mitchell started sharing their personal hair stories online in 2009 and, 10 years later, they’re still at it. The sisters have different hair types, style preferences, and product recommendations, which make for rich, nuanced content tailored to pretty much everyone. Look out for videos from Mitchell who prefers cruelty-free and vegan products, whereas Davis and Graham focus on hair growth and retention.

The Chic Natural

And the award for best personality on YouTube (natural hair category) goes to...The Chic Natural. Honestly, her videos are as entertaining as a television show, but you get to learn something! Kind of like PBS—minus the kids and plus the humor. She’s got a good mix of everything, from specific styles to general hair care. And if you’re looking to turn into your favorite celebrity, you’ll like her "transformation" tutorials.

Journey to Waist Length

Say you just transitioned to natural hair—let Shanique Buntyn help you out. She’s been YouTubing since 2007, featuring tutorials on natural hair care, obviously, but makeup as well. Think of her as the transitioning to natural hair doula—she’ll walk you through everything, and in return, you’ll keep your cool. Even if you’re not trying to grow your hair to great lengths, you’ll get a solid foundation of healthy hair habits.


Natural Neiicey (aka Shaneice Parkin) is a Toronto-based YouTuber who got her start in 2011. Her product reviews are the biggest draw (she’s reviewed everything under the sun), but don’t overlook her hair tutorials, made with time-strapped people in mind. Beyond natural hair, Parkin shares wild stories from her dating life on her channel, including one very funny catfishing experience video. Drama!

Luchi Loyale

Luchi Loyale is a natural hair guru, protective style expert, and a full-time nurse. And to think, she still takes time to make videos so our twist-outs don’t look rough. She’s gone through a bunch of hair transitions, from relaxed to natural, to weaves and braids, and has outlined all the challenges she's faced along the way. If you’re looking for honest reviews about Ali Express hair or where to get a good wig, this is the channel for you.

Jasmine Brown

Brown’s channel is the perfect mix of lifestyle content. You’ll find natural hair tutorials, fashion hauls, and even a bit of ASMR. Recently she collaborated with Refinery29 for an emotional video surrounding her first experience getting box braids. It's definitely a must-see. Another must-see? This incredible tutorial on Ciara's Met Gala hair, above.

Fusions of Culture

Laila-Jean Washington is part inspirational speaker and part natural hair obsessive. Come for the curl out tutorial and stay for the self-love affirmations. The London-based vlogger got her last relaxer in 2009, and watching her natural hair transition will make natural naysayers want to put down the chemicals.

Naptural 85

Natptural 85, also known as Whitney White, is truly one of the OG natural hair vloggers. Utibe credits her videos as the guiding light of her natural hair journey, and I can’t really blame her. So. Much. Volume. And, versatility. She's now expanded her empire to include a line of hair care products called Melanin Haircare. After all, if you’re going to buy hair products, you might as well buy from someone who really knows what she’s talking about.

—Chloe Hall

Photos via YouTube